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Benefits of Android Operating System

Android is Linux based phone android operating system popularity has been on a suddenly increase over the two last years of its market existence. According to Google, android platform currently (2013) boasts over 600,000 best applications built to meet user specifications and over 934,000 installations per day. Possibly these factors must be add up benefits of Android Operating system, when it comes to usage of applications. The benefits of Android OS are various and as a stuff of reality they shall continue to increase as its development continues to get stylish with time. Android operating system has been launched in 2007. Android OS has been improved in terms of its development with each edition getting better in comparison to its ancestors.

Play store:

Android based cellular phones have preinstalled software store application (Google Play store). It allows its users to find their required applications from one point. Android is an open market place due to this  Google play software vendors and publishers are able to reach customers without any difficulty when  applications have been monetized. To users, concept of play store makes it easier for them to test games to office applications without traveling all over the internet. Another benefit of Google play store market place is its capacity to coordinate with the phone in such cases where handsets may be distorted. Google play is also able to sagacity the version of Android OS version being run by the cellular phone. Therefore it only fetches   those applications that are well-suited to device.

Security of android base device:

The safety measures of Android OS are also better in comparison to other operating systems. This is enabled by sandbox in which applications are run in a isolated part of the operating system. Applications require permission in order to access phone resources for example network and memory installation. Even before an Android application is installed, the operating system is able to conclude all types of resources that are essential by it. This prompts the user to install application only in position that are he or she may trust whatsoever access that it might need. In addition Android OS users may benefit from the protection applications developed by third parties to oppose the flourishing internet malware.

Privacy in Android Operating System:

The privacy of phones operating on android OS has also been fulfilled with advanced versions. Users gain from such features due to these features they are able to track their loved ones whom they want to track.  The sync operations built-in Android OS also allow users to back up their personal data because Google offer this service free. The data backed up may include media files, contacts files, passwords and calendar schedules. Data can also be deleted from remote servers in cases if phones are stolen and thief may not get access to your personal data. This feature also allows Android enabled phones to be tracked in case of misplacement.

Multimedia Capabilities:

The above pictures are  of  application of multimedia in Google play store One of the benefits of Android phones is that they contain rich multimedia capabilities it ranges from multimedia streaming to media transfer. This is one factor that   why an android user shall never get bored. The  connectivity of android enabled devices is superior with most of the latest devices running on 4G enabled networks. Bluetooth for most of these devices runs on A2DP with an ability to explore other devices.  Mobiles before getting connected making them even more secure to virus attacks.
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