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There are many tablets available in market today but if you want the best one than surely iPad is the best tablet in the market today. The honor of creating tablet is not of apple  this credit and honor still remains with Microsoft but apple made the tablet perfect slate . The iPad has size of 9.7 and its much more efficient than any other tablet available in market up to now.But now android is creating its space and it’s a question mark on new iPad that Can this iPad s  fourth-generation stand the test of today.
The iPad 4 is commonly known as iPad . This is the fourth generation of iPad series .Apple removed all stock of iPad 3 from their stockpile because of release of their new iPad 4 although  iPad 2 are still on sale .New iPad has same display as its earlier version has i.e. 2048×1536 Retina display and ips panel but this time its improved and now even more brighter. iPad 4 provides same external components as previous version has in box.  
Now I can tell you about the difference in iPad 4 . It has A6X processor and an iteration of A6 also in iPhone. This will make iPad two times faster than iPad 3. Now users can use multiple tasks like Web browsing, processing, and can run applications on tablet simultaneously. In iPad 4 users can load websites as fast as their WI-FI connection can through at it .the limitation of downloading several pages is not in iPad 4. This gadget of apple is so fast that it opens very large games within seconds. If you are upgrading from iPad to iPad then we recommend it highly but if you are upgrading from iPad 3 then we recomened it partially  
One of the major improvement in iPad 4 is Wi-Fi strength up to 33 % , improved due to better wi fi antenna and now you can stream videos easily. In iPad 4 there is front facing stereo speakers due to this sound can be directed toward the users.Many other tablet companies like Samsung don,t produce tablets with front speakers. Audio is the area where Apple improve notably but they don,t changed the hardware and design of iPad 4.   
The iPad 4 contains i OS 6, which is better than previous i OS  that’s not a big deal in tablet .customers expect a tablet with more features than mobile phone. i OS 6 is more faster efficient than previous i OS . In iPad 4 apple maps are available and they give better satellite imagery map than Google maps    
The most inspiring characteristic is in safari browser specifically i Cloud based tab sharing i.e. you can continue from the page that you left off and you can continue from any apple device .No browser is as speedy as Safari is on the iPad.Overall the software improvements are almost same .
Battery life
 The iPad 4 has the same enormous battery life as before, approximately 9-10 hours of constant use. But if you use it under heavy stress such as playing games then battery might drain faster but will last for at least 8 hours. In order to charge iPad 4 you have to wait for 5 hours and it’s much better than iPad 3 which took about more than six hours.
The iPad 4 has the same 5 MP camera as its previous iPad 3 has, this camera originally appeared in the iPhone 4. It’s fast, although a bit slower than iPhone and the iPad mini because it has to show picture at the full screen resolution. Picture quality is outstanding. Colors are keen and precise, and contrast is of good quality. There is no flash but this doesn't mean that it will not give good pictures

As I mention above iPad 4 is best slate available today and there is no doubt about it .its very powerful efficient tablet, 32 GB should be the minimum capacity the iPad should sell with.On the other hand, Apple’s pricing structure is the major problem for buyers. The iPad 4 starts at $500 for a 16 GB model, which is normal if you want a tablet for reading purpose, but if you use it for gaming then it’s not enough .In 16 GB android tablet like nexus 7 is better choice   .
The iPad is the best tablet in the market but the trouble is that Apple’s device faces too many competitors that offers better devices than it does at same prices.Users can buy a Windows RT tablet for fewer price than the iPad and have more capacity than iPad . Window users can use RT tablet flash-based apps and games that are not available in the iPad and never will.
On the other hand, Android tablets are less expensive and just as capable as iPad is ,but they lack the quality and number of apps that the iPad has. And as a final point there are Windows 8 tablets, which are true laptop replacements although are more expensive but are very powerful.

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