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Change of Perceptions In Smartphones Market 2013

BlackBerry just launched a new phone that no one has tried   . But masses by now have a judgment regarding it .As every phone receives some response from people some people think that its great mobile phone and some are making amusing of it. 

That is typical behavior of people and people love to buy new phones and to fight for their phone platform. According to some users android is best some think Apple platform is best one, some like black berry OS ,and some like new windows phone platform .its kind a fight among people about which phone or operating system is best to use. 

Every OS has some amazing specs like in android iOS it contains Google App market and there is no wonder that android started a revolution .Now come on windows phone  it’s got a amazing and stunning interface. Blackberry? There is abundance of immense reasons people love it.

Mobile phone war should be left for workers of these companies i.e. Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Microsoft but if we are not workers of these companies then why should we fight for their operating system.
People don’t care what type of Smartphone you trust in. It’s not a belief. It’s not your confined sports team. Stop being a warrior. You are not a warrior. You are just on the wrong. You should not fight for this reason
Here’s the obsession: all phones are right, for the right reasons. Every platform is wonderful according to your need and choice .Now according to someone Blackberry Z10 is not perfect and useless phone but its right for somebody, someplace it really is. There may be the one out here who will take that phone house and be in love with it.
And he will be true to love with that piece of metal and glass because it’s according to his need. In anticipation of he goes online to clash over cellular phone, at some point he becomes totally wrong.  Have to believe that nobody cares what kind of cellular phone you believe in.
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