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Early Apple iPhone Developer Prototype

Apple team has been working on iPhone ever since before it comes in the market in 2007 and now a new developer prototype has arrived that shows that they might have rushed it into market earlier.  The photo of internal   prototype of 2005 is given below. These photos are from an unnamed former Apple employee.  The prototype shows that it does not seems as iPhone that  we seen in 2007 .the prototype shows that size of earliest iPhone was like an iPad mini  .It was been in rectangular shape. Size was about 5″ x 7″ slightly closer to iPad mini which is 5.3″ by 7.87″. it was  two inches thick because for including  all ports that iPhone prototype had on board

You may wonder but early design had USB port and other ports for Ethernet but these were not included so that user can use dot matrix printer. A large display was made so that you may work with it easier. But back then whole thing was up in the way .but it was real possibility that iPhone could have use a wired internet on board  .we note that chip that were used in prototypes was older version of Samsung made ARM  design that was actually used in iPhone . This means there was a partnership long before APPLE went into self production.
 APPLE co founder Steve Jobs said in 2010 that APPLE initially worked on iPad before they start work on iPhone .These pictures shows that it may be the prototype of apple slate that came later after iPhone because in general point of view of engineering its easier to work on big   thing rather than on small .so maybe that is the reason that why APPLE initially works on slate rather than on iPhone
Its interesting that iPhone starts thinking about phablets (tablet phone) long before Android. And they were more innovative than other operating system developers. 
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