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Google’s “New Baby Nexus 10” debut video review

Google has made a new video for advertisement of its new nexus 10 which is titled as “new baby” .Though it’s not clear that whether Google will go for television advertisement or not like its rival Apple is doing for ipad and for other products. Samsung is doing advertisement for its Galaxy lineup based on Android operating system.  Insignificant features are highlighted that might be missed by the average consumers. And though tries to upsetting emotions of having a new baby may inspire the common consumers but Google needs to do an enhanced advertisement on highlighting that its product and services are better than other companies like Samsung and Apple.

In the beginning of the video Google attempts to bring to light its new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean that have feature of multiple user profiles log-ins in the Android tablet. But I want to highlight one point that there are only few consumer-grade tablets on the market that contains this unique feature.
There are also features like Google+, Google Play Books, and Google Magazine in a delicate style. Google also decorated Google Calendar as part of the features in the advertisement video.
In video Google also showed that in nexus 10 video conferencing can be done easily through web browser .Google highlighted this feature because of its rival Apple tried to  highlight this feature to cash out emotion connections ,but Google can highlight that its gadget supports 10 video feeds at same time that provides a great way of sharing news of new baby  with fellow couples and family .
Finally you can see share a tiny photo of baby tab that’s owsum but Google should highlight that photo and make a link with the tablet’s high resolution display.
This ad is very impressive and surely will brings a sense of emotion as the consumer connects with the family, But it’s still a question mark that why should customers choose the Nexus 10.Currently, this video is still too delicate and non-tech consumers will possibly miss a lot of the features Google is trying to endorse on the Nexus 10.
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