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HP Spectre XT TouchSmart Ultrabook review

A powerful processor

After the release of windows 8 companies have focused on fusion laptops i.e. devices that have double capability of becoming tablets and laptops a two-in-one experience. These surely represent our future in technology that how we can use technology but now they experience from partial usability and comfort.
Though, usual laptops with touch screen display and offers a genuine Windows 8 is very much present. Now I will discuss HP Spectre XT 15-4000.

Size and weight:

The size of laptop is almost 15.6 inch decorated in aluminum, Ultra books are likely to be planned for portability, and mostly ultra books are of 13 to 14 inches in size.  So the 15.6-inch Spectre XT is designed at a to some extent special audience.
Weight of this ultra book is almost 2kg and it is almost twice as heavy as its rival such as the Toshiba satellite Z930

Slim 'n fast
To get Ultra book stripes, laptops include conforming to definite values of dimension and power, and the Spectre XT measures is about 22mm. Much thinner laptops are available in market, but nearly everyone of these come up with a smaller 13.6-inch size.

Similar to the Mac book air, the Spectre XT boasts pointed ends that make it appear thinner than it actually is. This device is very attractive, and has lack of power.



If you look at performance side, the HP comprises of an Intel Core i5 3317U processor and fitted with 1.7GHz. Same Intel chip that most Ultra books have , so this device has enough power for most computing tasks  and even for  casual gaming.
Processor tests of this ultra book uncovered decent scores, and you will found more power in this ultra book than on its rival Ultra books having the same chip. Though, its score is about 50 per cent less than the CX61, in spite of being considerably more exclusive.

Somewhere else you will find a enormous 8 GB of RAM, and is much higher than the average Ultra book .This might really helps in running multiple apps from the Windows Store. This ultra book comprises of extra 32 GB SSD attached with a 500 GB Hard disk Drive.
 Windows 8's system files and other apps can be save on the SSD partition. In this way you will get a fast booting and quick loading of an SSD. This is huge storage space for storing files in a normal laptop. It's a great thought, and this will help you to not to rely on external drives to store your data and files. 
The Full HD screen is a success, and the touch screen display will allow users to get maximum from Windows 8. The panel is very reflective, and might cause problems if you use it outside. It's extremely receptive, and the physically powerful build of the pivot means there's no irritating bend when using your fingers to navigate.



Battery time of this ultra book is a little bit unsatisfactory . It only last for 163 minutes isn't as devastating as if it were an ultra handy machine, but it's still motive to think double about this  laptop. User can still have enough battery to work for few hours.


Down track

As every gadget has some good aspects also have some disappointing aspect and disappointing spec of the Spectre XT is the track pad. Away from the general grubby practice ,it feel plastic to press. And user must be confused as to why HP equipped this good-looking machine which such a sub-standard keypad. It wasted the face of its other finest features. There's no DVD drive, but this is usual for current Ultra books distant as of other 15 inch laptops.



On the whole, the HP Spectre XT is a attractive laptop, which would look enormous in your home or workplace. It comprises of great features, and also a capacitive touch screen this will help users to get the most from Windows 8 and its users friendly interface .this makes it one of the best 15-inch Windows 8 machines available in market. Nevertheless, you can get more commanding alternatives for fewer prices and the terrible track pad ruined its premium charm. It is a high-quality PC, but at this price, it should almost perfect.
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