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New iPhone 5 S To Launch in June 2013?

Apple is going to launch his new  phone “iPhone 5 S” in June of 2013 in conjunction with another less pricey  iPhone imitation made out of fiber glass and synthetic plastic , according to a new statement from Apple Insider.
According to that report, an analyst by the name of Ming-Chi Kio predicts that the iPhone 5S will influence a number of next-generation Apple technologies that includes a faster A 7 system-on-chip (Sock).  A "Smart Flash" that includes white or yellow LED's to make definite high quality photos. A fingerprint security chip sourced from Apple's attainment of the company Authentec.

Insider report further states that iPhone 5 S will use the same thin aluminum chassis that is seen on the iPhone 5, but may contain a slightly larger 1600 mAh battery. In the meantime, tech site and Gadgets earlier reported a similar claim that appears to support that of Apple Insider's new report.
Moreover, I've earlier reported here on Techdefaut and you may have read it here first about the possible release of the Samsung s 4   in the year 2013.

However, let's not fail to remember that the iPhone 5 was just unconstrained in September last year and all this news for this supposed device may or may not come true.
Are all the talks immediate the next version of the iPhone too early and too soon to create such a big buzz of the year?
Let's keep in mind that Apple don't frequently outs their new iPhone model until the 3rd quarter of every year, but this time Apple may use  a different strategy due to the increasing competition with rival Samsung which I also reported here on Techdefaut  that  Samsung   is going to launch his new generation phone Samsung s4 on  March 14 ?
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