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Samsung note 3 Display Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has launched his new Galaxy S4 and now everybody is keenly waiting for the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. The Korean company seems to have made a habit of producing high-end devices, after the success of Note series, expectation of every person is very high because Samsung is continuously producing high end gadgets and now people except a lot from the upcoming model of note series.
It is although the same story as people expects “sensation” factor from s4 now people are desperately waiting for wow factor of note 3 .As before release of every new gadget rumors are present in market, same case is with note 3 .some of them are bit silly, while some of them seems to deliver a convincing point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors about Display

Recently a lot of people are supposing regarding the display, size and software used in building of note 3. Even though we’re really prelude to uncertainty the validity of those resilient displays stories, here’s a story that doesn't seem to be as unbelievable.
According to The Korea Times an administrative from one of Samsung’s chief division suppliers has spilled the beans about the gadget display size, and as rumors are in the market that new note will have a larger screen than its previous model note 2. But, the display will not be bigger than 6 inches as a replacement the forthcoming phablet might supposedly have a 5.9 inch display.

In addition, to that Samsung is supposedly getting prepared to display case a Note 3 idea to AT&T in the United States. In various reports, the forthcoming monster might be revealed in the States during a Samsung Unpacked event as they done in releasing of Samsung Galaxy S4. We  might not be able to see this tablet in IFA 2013.

People are also discussing about the PHOLED technology in new Samsung note 3 but once again this rumor was also present when s4 was releasing so we are not sure about the technology used in Samsung note 3. There is a rumor regarding panel of note 3 that it might have super AMOLED panel for better s pen result.

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