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Smartphones running on the Google Android operating system are currently the best sellers in the world, not only this year but will stay number one till  2016, but devices based on   Windows operating system  are estimated to be the best growing section of the Smartphone market going ahead.

A report from the research firm IDC predicts that Smartphone’s based on Android will finish 2013 capturing a 68.3 percent share of the global market of smart phones, followed by Apple Operating system, which captures   18.8 percent.  BlackBerry OS secures third place at 4.7 percent. Number four is Windows Phone, which ought to finish 2013 with a 2.6 percent share

 That doesn't sound like much for windows based mobiles but IDC predicts that Windows Phone to grow at an industry leading  annual growth rate  of 71.3 percent to reach 11.4 percent share by 2016 and they also forecasts that  BlackBerry shares will  drop to 4.1 percent.

Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 7 (WP7) in 2010 as a top-down redesign of its declining Windows Mobile platform. WP7 still only sold moderately and didn't uptake improve much when Microsoft make a deal with Nokia in 2011 to make Windows Phone as a replacement OS for Nokia’s Symbian operating system. After that Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8 as a new Smartphone models from Nokia, as well as from Samsung and HT C.

Nokia Lumia 920 running WP8 have been well-built and even provoked a 30 percent spike in Nokia’s stock price. But further analysis raises questions that whether sell outs at various retailers is  due to high demand or due to  short supply. Other reports also points   short supply of WP8 phones from Samsung and HT C.

Windows Phone provides excellent user interface as compared to other operating systems . The iPhone was introduced in 2007 consist of compelling array of icons on the home screen

User Interface of Google android is same as apple ios . But Microsoft goes for a different path. User interface of windows mobile consist of “Live Tiles” i.e. Various square blocks of different colors .these tiles can be managed on the basis of importance of the app.

The tiles also provide a view of the data provided by the application.. A weather app might have the local temperature and its symbol. Due to this interface user could get some information by viewing their home screen.

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