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Sony Xperia SP First Look Review

A mid range wonder with a exceptionally imposing spec list. Xperia SP may be lacking some of the specs of its elder brother but this doesn't mean that it’s not good enough to consider as a smart phone.

Heritage of Sony Xperia S lies in Xperia family and now Xperia SP is new member of this family consisting of specs of XPERIA S and xperia P and Sony fused them together in one device
As expected company is not going to reveal price or release date for Xperia SP, but utterance is that it will come at lower price, it might be available for just 35-40 $ per month and early news suggest SIM free will be available for 460 to 470$.
When you took Xperia SP in the hand it feels inspiring because of its smooth plastic cover (which comes in red, white and black) which actually depicts a lot more first-class than the price would suggest.


Sony Xperia comes with a 4.6-inch screen that gives as high resolution as Samsung provides in s3,it has new version of android with 1.7 GHz processor and also 4 G connectivity . that’s overall a good package in such low price .The Xperia Z might not have dust-proof body .The battery of Sony Xperia SP  is fused into the handset so due to this users couldn't be able to swap a new battery  but micro SIM and SD ports are easily accessible. Phone provides a 4.6-inch screen looks very sharp as you can expect from Sony’s display technology it might not be as crunchy as other smart phones from last year, but when you watch video motorized by the Mobile Bra-via 2 then it must be a special thing for you a real treat.


.Measurements of Sony Xperia SP is130.6 x 67.1 x 9.98mm however the Xperia SP does feel a little stocky as the sides are even instead of conical. Weight of Sony Xperia SP is about 155g but it's well balanced so users can easily use it with one hand
 Power button is on the right-hand side of the phone, and is placed absolutely for the thumb on holding the phone. Although Xperia SP is faster than Xperia L but you cannot expect same class of Xperia Z in this model of Sony.


Right side of phone is dedicated for camera close button. The two step camera key helps in taking pictures in easier way. Sony Xperia SP has a Camera of 8 MP and it also has of same Superior auto mode that Sony Xperia Z have. Camera also has a single LED flash .Even though the camera app takes a couple of seconds to load but once it loads it works very efficiently. Well that is very inspiring thought of Japanese technology think tank to add such exciting feature in camera


Sony has cover up the Android operating system with the help of this  notification bar can be used without difficulty ,Sony added many gadgets in personalization option .Screen of Sony Xperia SP is very quick to respond and you can execute a number of tasks concurrently because of its dual core processor based on Android Jelly bean operating system.
Above of all, the bottom of the phone provides a apparent bar which glows in relative to  any happening on the screen, in a same manner as other phones of Sony does. Well it’s not a deal-breaking feature of phone but it’s good to have this.

Early decision

Even though Sony Xperia is not having such class as Xperia Z but this phone still deserves a raised eyebrow of admiration due to its combination of spec list and likely price.
The body is smooth you will feel quality of handset in your hand, and while the screen is slightly dwarfed by the larger framework, there's no disbelief that this phone that this phone will fly off if people consider its price and specs.
With an inspiring screen based on Android 4.1 and camera of 8 MP, along with NFC and 4 G, these specs are not out of place for new smart phone and with a lower price, that's a number one concept.
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