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Sony xperia z vs LG Optimus G Pro

There are only few gadgets that are revealed in starting of this year and  Sony xperia  Z and  LG optimus G pro are one of them . Both smart phones have interesting specs and both have unique features but this does not mean that they are similar they aren’t have many similarities. If you want to buy one of these gadgets then it depends on your taste, However to help you make that decision, I have made  a comparison for you to make a decision  


Let’s talk about specs of hardware of these two smart phones. On the whole LG Optimus pro provides a little bit more because LG uses a recently introduced Snapdragon 600 processor but this doesn’t mean that xperia z don’t have good hardware it have best CPU installed that was released in late 2012 but if you want to know which hardware is better then I must say LG pro wins in this competition


Both devices have   same camera because both have 13 MP rear cameras and 2.1/2.2 front camera.  Both phones offer sensors on both rear and front side of camera but However Megapixels isn’t everything .so for definitive Conclusion we have to wait to see some pictures side-by-side. But due to history of Sony we can easily say that its Camera must be better than LG PROS.


Additional then that both smart phones have 2 G B RAM but when it comes down to storage LG PRO is leading in this race also because Xperia have 16 GB internal memory but LG Pro gives double then that i.e 32 GB   furthermore both mobiles have feature of microSD card slots, you can expand internal storage of xperia Z up to 32 GB while the PRO supports 62 GB card


Moreover the display is left to talk about, The Xperia Z have 5 inch screen panel having  a resolution of 1080 x 1920,while the Optimus G Pro have  a 5.5 inch display that provides  the same full HD resolution as its opponents. On the other hand, it looks that the Pro once again might take the win, because of   its better viewing angles.


The LG Optimus G runs on Google android 4.0 operating system with LG Optimus UI 3.0 while Sony xperia z Sony has made gentle customizations to the UI of Google's Android 4.1.2
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