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Things that customers want to see in Samsung’s Galaxy S IV

If you look at Samsung s III then there are plenty of things to improve and as we all know that Samsung's Galaxy S IV will be disclosed is just few days while leaks about Samsung's predictable handset are enormous and nothing can be said until Samsung itself reveals it. In a survey   several people are asked about the wish list that what improvements they wanted from Samsung in Samsung S IV. Here are some suggestions that consumers want from Samsung in S IV

1) Improved LTE
Samsung galaxy s III and other Korean phones are available in different configurations of hardware depending on the country from where it was purchased. The international version of Samsung use EXYNOS 4 quad core while the US version uses QUALCOMM snapdragon chip. This makes difference in what LTE bands they support .people  simply wants same configurations of phone every where
We hope so that there is only one (worldwide) model of the phone this will helps people to update at same time. If LTE is improved then there will be fewer models of mobile
2) Comfortable contract price
Last year when Google and LG introduced nexus 4 with a great hardware of 300$ without contract .people dared to hope for this mobile but on the other side Samsung IV in available on  a $90-a-month contract. When Google is giving nexus off contract mobiles for $400 then why people will people buy Samsung for such high price.
3) Water resistance
People wants that Samsung should make S IV water resistant because sometimes you   by mistake spilled your drink on phone and due to this your phone is washed out. Samsung should follow Sony what they have done in xperia Z make it waterproof. People wanted Good phone that is durable and water-resistant."

4) No more plastic:
Some people wants that Samsung should go with plastic again but some thought that they should use aluminum or other material for the brand.  But according to me it’s better in plastic because plastic body mobiles are light in weight. But some thought that it is level to feeling rusty and cheap.

5)Better battery life
 At the end where people are in universal agreement that Galaxy S IV should have great battery life, consumers are even ready to accept little more thickness to get extra battery time. Some customer’s want that Samsung should include an extra battery in Galaxy S IV, in case of emergency  they can easily use both battery 
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