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Tweaked Apple TV Contains Shrunk A5 Chip

 In the beginning of this year Apple filed some paperwork with FFC. This pointed that Apple is going to produce a revised version of Apple TV.Premature assumption recommended to some extent smaller version of the set-top box, that will use an upgraded Apple A5X system, on the chip, but from Apple an official comment on the matter insisted that the tweak components required new dictatorial approval and will not change the skin of the product.

Now it looks like that this tweaked Apple TV is being covered in the natural, and Mac Rumors has recognized the product's most considerable tweak .A newer and smaller version of the Apple A5 was initially introduced in the i Pad 2 in 2011. According to Apples word this tweaked Soc have same performance as A5 that was used in Apple’s third generation TV, but it will consume less power than its ancestors.
The Apple A5
This  tweaked Apples TV consist of more efficient version of A5 Soc. Apple has produced many variants of A5  chip than any other of  its chips .The original A5 consist of two A9 cotex CPU cores  matching with a dual-core.

After a year later, Apple reviews the chip again and gives its manufacturing process reduced in size. The new 32nm model was made by Samsung and was used in three models i.e. first in Apple’s 3rd generation TV in which one core of cpu was disabled and second in iPad 2.This version was also used in fifth generation of iPod which gives battery life similar to i phone 4s although having larger screen and smaller battery size.
This new A5 model is the next major revision to the chip. It supposedly measures about 6 mm by 6 mm  this new A5 is likely being built on a smaller manufacturing process may be a 28nm development would be the most reasonable option, because it would be the next smallest process that's currently delivered from any company other than Intel's.
This is for sure that Apple finally wanted to ditch Samsung in chip production .it might favor (TSMC) Taiwan semi conductor foundry that is already working for some prominent companies. Its 28nm process is now on track after some problems in beginning these rumors are started due  to controversial and hostile relationship between Apple and Samsung. I must say that Apple is moving towards the production of 28nm chips only because there is a chance that Samsung might start its own 28nm chips.
Apple used new A5 chips to make a new version of the established Apple TV which might shortly followed by iPad 2. This gave Apple chance to sort it  any complications in the developing process, and even if something bad had happened then it’s not bad for their stakes. If it rule out then Apple may use it in its all further products first in   the iPhone 5 and the fifth-generation iPod touch, and then at the end to  the fourth-generation iPad and the iPad mini.
 let's talk a little bit about the possibilities for the i OS products that Apple is likely going  to introduce this year.

 New chips might open the door to both faster and cheaper iPhone's.Assume Apple follows its own conventions and we might see an iPhone 5s in the mid-summer to early-autumn .and a smaller process is giving Apple a chance to increase the phone's performance without sacrificing its phone's battery life. Might be iPhone 5s might use   A6 or some new, upgraded A7 processor.
 iPad and iPad mini

28nm chips will help Apple to make a iPad more powerful.The new generation of iPad is similar to its previous version but retina display version is a little bit thicker than  iPad 2 . rumors suggests that iPad jumbo will get redesign like iPad min this year, and this efficient process will help Apple to shrink their battery enough to make it .  
iPod touch

Due to new chip the iPod touch might become faster or more power efficient.  
The last generation of iPod shows that Apple is not interested to refresh its iPod hardware every year but 28NM process might give Apple possibility to use A6 in their iPod touch .This will
Increase performance and will keep the battery life constant .There's no confirmation whether either of these will happen.

Apple has many ways of promoting its products i.e. through its product pages and even more through advertisement ways.
 The company will expends a lot of effort to keep its chips current although i OS can be heavily optimized for these chips that Apple doesn't inevitably need to be drawn into the provision race that we see on Android.
The 32nm process has done pretty good for Apple, but Qualcomm and others are all currently planning to ship 28nm chips this year, and this would obviously give Apple some suitable headroom for this year's production of i OS products. We'll wait for someone about to say that either a 28nm chip from Apple is the next logical step, and Apple can use it in its first relatively low  volume product  i.e the Apple TV first is reliable with the company's past behavior
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