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6 things differentiating Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One

After some days two powerful smart phones are coming in market i.e. HTC one and Samsung Galaxy s4 and they will go head to head as two best phone of the year. Specs wise both are very attractive for the customers because of its large display and high end processors. But costumers should keep in mind some points if they want to buy one of the these device in near future
Last year, the HTC launched its One X and it comes as a flagship device of HTC and it boosted the market of large display smart phone and it became one of the best device of 2012 later on iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy s3 was launched but it faces both of them bravely. 
Last year it was not the only device which breaks record but also Samsung s3 own sales are over 40 million and it is record for android device selling in such huge number. Samsung also starts releasing one phone per year like Apple does and it is also a new record an android device producing series and competing Apple. Due to record breaking sale of Samsung s3 Apple has also has to face competitor in market.
In the same fashion HTC produced successor of its HTC one x and now HTC one is coming up as a successor of HTC one X. Now after the release of HTC one Samsung as expected releases its new model s4 as a successor of s3.There is no doubt both devices are powerful quad cores and have a lot of similarities in them. Now I will discuss 6 reasons that differentiate these devices.

Release Date:

Samsung will release its phone a bit late after the release of HTC one, so this means that HTC one will hit shelves first and in beginning customers don’t have a choice of choosing one of the device. Now I will tell you that why release date is important for customers, If a user want to buy one of the cell phone then he or she have to wait until the release of s4 .because specs wise both are very competent and user will not be able to differentiate until their release.  


Now a days customers pay attention towards camera because smart phone users not only use camera for taking snaps but also for video chatting and both companies also give attention towards this. Samsung s4 comes up with 13 mega pixels camera which gives true HD photos and videos. While on the other side camera of HTC one Is 4 mega pixel but that doesn’t mean that it will not take good snaps , camera of HTC one consist of ultra-pixels and also some  back up software’s to increase quality of photos but in my opinion camera of HTC is solid despite of it is 4 MP.


Android version in both smart phones is not in its actual version because Samsung and HTC both alter the android OS according to their cell phone requirement but it doesn’t mean that it is not a good OS .Due to some changes OS of both smart phones becomes attractive and also processes some extra ordinary features.  HTC one packed with sense 5 as a new version of its sense 4+ while Samsung s4 consist of Nature UX. despite the fact both smart phones are android but their OS are significantly different, Both have some extra ordinary features and distinct look .now its users call to like the OS of their choice which fulfills their requirements and also user friendly.

Carrier difference:

I am surprised to know that both have different carriers. HTC one will come at AT&T, T mobile and Cincinnati bell along with sprint but it will not be available at Verizon and cellular but Samsung will come in all centers. There is also a rumor that HTC might come at Verizon after one month of its release. 


Both devices packed with different body’s material. Samsung s4 will have a poly carbonate plastic body but there are rumors in beginning that it might have a metal body, but according to resources Samsung saves metal body for its upcoming models .one of the benefit of plastic body is that user of Samsung s4 can pop off their body but in HTC one due to attached metal body users cannot pop off their mobile phone body


Storage wise Samsung is far better than HTC one because in Samsung 16 GB s4 users can extend their memory up to 80 GB thanks to support of 64 GB SD card but HTC is only comes up with 32 and 62 GB model and there is no option of increasing memory by using SD card .HTC is a bit trickier due to not having option of SD card.

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