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five things to know before launch of iphone 5s

Now a days people are waiting for the two launched phones i.e. Samsung and HTC one and attention of customers has been placed for them and due to this people attention towards the 3rd biggest launch of year has
with amazing specs. Similar to last year this year also HTC first launch its phone in February named as HTC one and it is successor of its HTC one X, later after a month Samsung releases its s4 as a successor been diverted and that launch is of course Apples’ iPhone 5s .As every smart phone before launch is heavily rumored same is the case with Apple 5s.
As I discussed above attention of people is diverted towards the two powerful android devices that are fully loaded of s3, now both smart phones will compete IPhone5 in market so it’s a kind of pressure for Apple to release its model as soon as possible in order to compete with these rivals.

Though both HTC and Samsung are on different tracks but this does not mean that Apple not to have face these rivals. Rumors have suggested that there is a chance that Apple might launch its iphone5s as a successor of iphone5 and in the same fashion it might have same features and design but consist of an upgrade to its OS. Now I will 5 important things that customers should know before its release. 

It won’t be iPhone 6:

Some people are expecting that this time Apple might release iPhone 6 not iPhone 5s but if you look at the past record then you will definitely agree that there is no chance of iPhone 6 this year, iPhone 66 will be launched in 2014. 
There is no doubt about that whenever Apple releases its new featured and redesign phone it rise it a lot like when Apple releases its iPhone 4 it consist of glass, metal and also plastic in its design. It was very different form its previous version 3s and it gives boost to Apple in market. In the same way Apple changes its design on the launch of iPhone 5 including metal, aluminum and most important thing is glass. As every iPhone has some drastically changes in it same is the case with iPhone 6, people expectations are very high of this model. So this for sure that Apple will keep its design same for this year and there is no chance of changing of design and we will see changes in 2014.

The s model Uniqueness:

Every Apple phone of s model creates a hype of unique model because in every s model Apple adds some unique features like in 3GS it increases speed and also in 4GS Apple adds siri an artificial intelligence module. There are rumors that Apple might increase its camera up to 13 MP and also speeds up its processors from the previous model iphone5. We can expect such things because Apple always shocks in its s model versions. At least in this model Apple have to produce amazing specs device because Samsung puts extra pressure on Apple to produce something very unique in order to compete in market.

IPhone 5s release:

In past two years Apple launch its phone in fall sessions like in last two models launched in October and September respectively and this is a chance that Apple might change its strategy and might launch 5s in summer, there is diverse possibility of this year launch .but Apple also has a good reason to release phone late by saying that they release last phone in September and it is sooner to release a new model now.
But if in summer Apple release its phone than it will surely effect the sales of Samsung Galaxy s4 because customers will wait for both releases in order to make decision between these two phones. This situation will not be in favor of Samsung and this might be attractive for Apple.


Samsung and HTC will be arrived in market very soon and both are very much competitor of iphoen5s and if Apple waits for the fall release then Samsung might hit Apple adversely because when Apple releases its phone Samsung already will be winner because Samsung s4 possesses some extra ordinary features not only at software level but also at hardware level that will effect sales of Apple. Apple iPhone 5s has to face to strong rivals in the shape of HTC and Samsung.


Every new model of Apple consist of an software update for sure and hence we will IOS 7 will be present in Apples new iPhone 5s but rumors suggested that this update will give slightly new User experience then previous versions .Apple is changing its skeuomorphic design that can be seen in recent update of podcast
Finally I must say that nothing is sure regarding features of new iphone device but for sure it will be able of competing its rivals

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