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iphone 5s release date rumors


Few weeks ago I have written about the rumors of iPhone 5s and now once again I am going to write about the latest rumors, this break of few weeks doesn’t mean that enough rumors are not present in market. But the actual answer is that I was actually waiting for some more authentic rumors, plenty of rumors are straight away crazy and I am not going to discuss those.
Today I will discuss only those which I think we can expect from upcoming Apple’s flagship iPhone.

Early rumors indicated that iPhone 5s might come up with the same software and body and its hardware might be changed and Apple will try to promote its old tech as new. Some rumors claimed that this iPhone might come up with a fingerprint scanner model and also have NFC too but this fingerprint app might replace the old pin number punching system

On the other hand, the most important rumor and matter of concern is that many reports are claiming that Apple IPhone 5s release might have been pushed back for couple of month, or even until November that is huge setback for Apple fans and clients, reason given in its delay is that Apple is finding special coating that shouldn't not affect its finger print scanner

According to some rumors Apple decided not to go for iPhone  on the other side they will only update its hardware and will release it as a s model, i.e. the next model of iPhone 5.but these rumors might be not true and Apple might not include touch wiz in iPhone 5s and might release it earlier.
Feel free to tell us your feedback regarding the late release of iPhone 5s rumor we will provide you some latest news about iPhone 5s stay connected for the latest buzz.

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