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iPhone or Android:6 Reasons To Choose Android Over iPhone

 As everyone has a right of choosing a smart phone and everyone has its own perception in this regard. I am not going to impose my own opinion but I will explain you that why I prefer Android over other operating system
If you look at the market then there is no doubt that Apple is one of the best brand in the market concern selling, but if you look it regarding of operating system then Google is surely winner. Apple releases only 5 phones in course of years where as approximately 1000 phones are released in the same time span. Many companies like Sony, Samsung and LG contracted with Google in using their operating system


In past years Apple was using best hardware available up to some extent but after their clash with Samsung now Apple is falling behind on hardware because when 4S was launched expectation of people was very high but at the end they just updated their last model hardware,this was frustrating  for many Apple fans  because new Androids are coming  with 1.5 GHz dual core processors  with 16 GB ram while Apple iphone 4S uses the same 1 GHz Processor that they used in I pad 2

On the other side Android is continuously coming with high end gadgets and every new release come with Advancement and new technology .Now Android is boasting 4G  technology and due to this new smart phones must comprise of larger and powerful screens and processors . such improvements are not available on Iphone yet


User interface of android devices is very friendly and users become use to of it easily very easily, but some users claim that IOS is more friendly then android OS but in this regard I must say that I am android user so I prefer android OS over IOS


I am not going in battle that which one is better or which one is not I must say both have prominent features and it’s according to their users.
Many features of IOS are better than Apple but it depends on taste of user because many features are available on Apple but not on Android, in same way many are available on Android but not present in APPLE. In 4.0 android face unlock is embedded but it is not present in Apple.


Both IOS and android has their own app stores the good thing is that all are free. apple apps are over 60 million and android are near about 57 million.
Apps of Apple are better than Apps of android because Apple is very strict for their App developers because they wanted Apps of high quality but sometimes due to this strategy some Apps denied on the spot in Apple store

Removable Storage

Apple products are locked tight by default. if you buy a phone 16 GB you cannot change it to 32 GB so that’s sort of shelling that you cannot escape out of it. But if you use an android you can change your SD card up to 64 GB and if in any case you want to sell your mobile you can easily swap your SD card.


If your battery of Apple is dead it is very expensive it cost you about 150 $ and you have to send it to Apple for exchange but in android phones battery costs around 20 to 30 $ nearly 5 times less than Apple’s battery and if you battery becomes dry you can swap it easily. So overall it’s difficult to change Apple battery

Now tell us what you think about this and feel free to leave your comment

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