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IS HD dilemma is Samsung Galaxy S4 worth?

In 2013 we can see that smart phone technology is rapidly growing and a number of smart phones are added this year including Samsung galaxy s4.

Regardless of the incredible features in recent mobile phones that includes, quad core processors , pioneering designs , large screen sizes, and high(GPUs), but cellular mobile  manufacturers are to a great extent trying to beat each other.

In order to convince users a number of tactics are used to impress them and peruse them to change their smart phones. Because in present world it’s very difficult for companies to survive in such competitive market. A number of companies are producing high end smart phones every year, however  due to this the smart phone companies  are left only to increase their screen resolution.

 Samsung also did this in its s4 and launched its smart phone as a full HD phone but this is not the first phone which is equipped with HD display, the wonderful hit of the S2 and S3 makes it an attractive characteristic for Galaxy lovers to get it as soon as possible.

Now if you are looking to upgrade your smart phone to s4 then let us allow to analyze this that whether you should spend a huge amount only for HD or it is worth draining your money.Resolution is key part of screen clarity. HD refers to high definition of your mobile screen that either your smart phone has 720 Pixels or 1080 Pixels (Full HD screen).The pixel is the prime area of clarification on the screen. The image that we see is collection of pixels. For that reason if number of pixels, is high then the sharper and clear image appears on the display.

For an instant comparison, you can verify the resolution of your old smart phone (For example a Samsung Galaxy S1 is 800*480 pixels and that of a new smart phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, has 720 x 1280 pixels). You will at once become aware of that the high resolution will provide a much clearer and sharper image.

Even so, resolution is not the only factor to blame for a sharper screen. But if you keep the resolution same and increase the screen’s size then it will separates the pixels and hence resulting in vanished sharpness.
Now if you increase the resolution it means that PPI, is increased but if you have two sets of different sizes and same resolution then it will have different figures of PPI. This doesn't signify that increased PPI will generate clear images.

I phone 4 was first smart phone having 330PPI and called as HD phone but after that HTC produced   342PPI phone named as HTC ReZound but if a common user see display he will not be able to tell difference among the Displays because human eye cannot distinguish the difference in PPI when it reaches about 300.Even a user with 20/20 vision will not be able to determine resolution more than 250 PPI, so due to this full HD is waste for him. 

Thus it doesn’t matter if he sees photo of 720 Pixel or 1080 Pixel it would be same for him.Therefore, due to this a full HD 1080p resolution is not superior to 720p resolution in your smart phones. A full HD resolution is only improved if you use it for laptop, screens tablets and monitors. At that size human eyes can resolve such a high resolution.

The PPI range in 4.3 to 4.7 is around 340 and it is more than enough.  Hence, Samsung’s argue to give an amazing screen experience is sweet snobbish.While, a full HD resolution requires a larger screen size at least of 5 inches which is irritating for small-sized phones users.

An additional issue with HD is increased power consumption. The additional features in smart phones devices wouldn’t come in free, users has to pay price usually in terms of high power consumption
Even though, the S4 has improved battery of 2600 mAh as compared to S3 which has 2100 mAh, but I am still not sure that whether it can give enhanced battery life as well. Because same case with Apple I pad 2 and I pad 4, I pad 2 is 720 Pixels while I pad 4 is 1080 Pixels yet both give same 10 hours of battery life

Due to all these reasons, I at a halt favor to stick to Smart phone with 720 p resolution.

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