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Kindle Fire HD 8.9 review

Today I going to discuss about the new Kindle Fire HD 8.9, it has a HD display and also features powerful speakers.


Dimensions of The Kindle Fire HD is 9.4 x 6.5 x 0.35 inches and weight is about 1.25 pounds. It is smaller and lighter than the 4th Generation I pad and the Google Nexus.


The glass case of the Fire HD is about 8.9 inch, and display is 1920 x 1200 IPS. The screen also features a separating mesh technology. The Fire HD 8.9's brightness wise is winner than most of its competitors, including the Nexus 10 I pad, but not the Modifier Pad Immensity


The Kindle Fire HD 8.9's high-fidelity speakers are sited on the back side. All from music to movies it sounds exceptional. These speakers are backed by Dolby Digital technology. The Fire HD's speaker’s gives user a very good sound quality.

Operating System 

The operating system of Kindle Fire HD based on reviewed version of Android OS, which is envisioned mainly for administrating Amazon products. The Home screen configures a search section at the top that consist of search bar.
When the Fire HD 8.9 is in portrait style, another number of icons run along the bottom.

Taking down from the top of the sightless it shows reports, such as freshly installed apps, as well as control panels for the various apps such as, brightness, wireless and sync. A label is also given on the right hand side to users to access the complete Settings menu.

Free Time

Apps like free time makes kindle fire HD a true family entertainer device because it allows parents to set time limit for their kid of using gadget. Admin of device can set limits on internet surfing and also on gaming. Parents can make multiple profiles on same tab


X ray app is very helpful for those users who wants to get comprehensive information on a specific topic, because if user is reading some content and he wants to get complete info regarding the topic then he can open a pop up window and can see complete info without opening a separate window.
This kind of apps help users to save their time in searching content and these is info is searched in Wikipedia and also in built in Amazons encyclopedia.



 Fire HD has a 1.5-GHz processor along with an Imaginary 3D graphics core. Amazon also claims that it will allow smoother scrolling performance, faster Web and owsum gaming experience. It's a trifling step up from the OMAP in the 8.9-inch Fire HD.

Web browsing

The Web browser theme of Kindle Fire is changed to white and black color instead of the gray background of the previous version. Panels for Forward, Back and Settings are now changed to the right hand side in portrayal mode instead of the bottom, it allows users to access it with their thumb. On the whole, the browser opened Web pages quickly and user will get a fast browsing experience.


Now a days cam is not only used for taking snaps but also for online uses like video chatting and Kindle Fire HD is built in for internet uses, the front cam can record a video up to 720p hence it gives best results to users for Skype calls.

Battery Life

Battery life of Fire HD 8.9 continues about 6 hours and 40 minutes but its half hour less than its tab category. However, LTE uses more energy than Wi-Fi.

Final verdict

Over all by specs this tab is perfect for those parents and users who wanted to restrain access use of tab. Front camera is perfect for Skype users. There is no problem in buying this gadget in this 

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