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Lenovo k900 vs galaxy s4 benchmark fight ?

Recently, a benchmark result shows that Samsung Galaxy s4 is leading over all smart phones in terms of performance and is proved in AnTuTu benchmark test, which gives pace further to the Galaxy S IV. But in a recently test a new smart phone surpassed our flagship Samsung Galaxy s4 and that phone is Lenovo k900. Now I will discuss about the Lenovo K900 phone or phablet .

Lenovo k900 measures 5.5 inches and it is also a powerful Smartphone and we can visualize a war between these Smartphone’s in future after their release.

Lenovo k900 vs galaxy s4 choice:

I will discuss all the aspects when there is chance of rear-ender among these devices if you want to buy one of the devices in future .firstly Antutu test shows clearly that Samsung s4 is far behind from Lenovo k900 in terms of performance and no doubt Lenovo k900 is winner here.

If you compare both devices at processor level then Lenovo K900 uses quad core Intel processor Z2580 and is clocked with 2GHz.while Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed with Quad core snapdragon 600 and krait 300 version but both lie down in front of Intel’s 2GHz atom processors. Everyone knows that Intel is known for its world class computing chips and now it is entering in a new era of smart phone world with Lenovo K900.

Now took Design under consider because a good looking Smartphone is always first choice of user. In this war Samsung is winner because it is smarter than Lenovo k900. Size of s4 is 5 inches while of Lenovo k900 is 5.5 inches but.I prefer a smarter phone so in my opinion s4 is better in terms of design.
Camera of both Lenovo and Samsung s4 is same, i.e. both secondary and primary camera, but quality of Samsung's camera might be better due to its previous smart phones camera results proves that it will have a better camera then Lenovo this contest Samsung s4 is really winner.

Final conclusion:

Now at the end I must say that It might create a dilemma for someone who is not following some big names like Samsung but if you want to purchase one of these device in future then the by performance Lenovo k900 is better but in regard of style S4 is better but also it cost you more than Lenovo k900.So if you want to save money than you can buy Lenovo k900 as an alternative smart phone with same features.

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