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Nokia Lumia 928 and Catwalk Can Be Joined By An HD Screen Lumia

After the release of Nokia Lumia 920 windows 8 phone, Nokia is planning some more devices with windows 8 because Nokia Lumia 920 was a successful release but was only exclusively available at AT &T. Nokia windows 8 phones lover will know get a good news about the successor of Lumia 920 i.e. Lumia 928 and catwalk.
As stated before, that both the devices are Nokia high end gadgets featuring windows 8 and these handsets will be available at Verizon and T-Mobile’s store, rumors suggested that both handsets will support coarsely the same hardware specs as its successor 920 have, however they also attain their own unique features to help them be noticeable from the mass. For occasion, the Catwalk might arrive in an all-aluminum body.

New Nokia WP 8 Smartphone at AT&T
Now rumors are in the market that Nokia is planning to release a model RM 877 at AT&T and there is no confirmation that this gadget might be Lumia 928 or catwalk competitor and rumors also suggested that it will have 768* 1280 pixels resolution this shows that it might be a high end gadget

Also the above, there’s really not much indication in esteems to this Windows Phone 8 device, as the info is somewhat infrequent. Maybe this could be the enigmatic Eos conceited a 41 MP camera, but we are sure that this might not be the situation at all.
Though, both the Lumia 928 and the Catwalk are all ready to hit the shelves, and it seems that AT&T may be making something of its own. We will tell you more about this device as soon as we get update  
Thanks Concise Nowadays for the being ready on the topic of the model RM 877 with HD 
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