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Review of Google's Android OS

There is no doubt about that Google Android operating system is leading world OS. Main factor in its development is free source, Android OS is based on Linux OS and it is property of Google. According to analysts huge success of Android OS is only due to its free environment that Attracts developers to develop Apps on free source and they can launch it in huge market without any problem

Due to its free source many companies and developers  are free to modify Android OS according to their need and requirement but this facility is not available in Apple IOS due to this developers have to pay in order to make Apps for Apple store
In start Android was originally made for touch technology including smart phones and Tabs but now users can run it on laptops, watches and many other things. Many smart phone companies like HTC, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, LG and SONY are customizing Android according to their smart phones and in last year android base Samsung galaxy s3 led the smart phone market and got many awards.    


Android was initially initiated by four developers. Co founders of Android were Andy Robin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears and Chris White .In starting Google was a financial partner but in august 2005 Google acquired that company of these founders named as Android INC

First Android phone was launched by HTC named as HTC dream in 2008.this smart phone was equipped with processor of companies like QUALCOMM and its equipments was made by Samsung and HTC
After the release of this smart phone Google android has gone through many upgrades and number of development stages but at the end Google alliance with HTC paid off and several companies started making smart phones. First version of Android was android 1.0 and   latest version is 4.2.2 Jelly bean

The Google Nexus series is Google's own device and in this device Google runs new versions of its OS And then it makes source code public and available for other companies and hardware manufacturers.

Basic Features

Now I will discuss the features of Android OS that makes it distinguish from other Operating systems.

Open Source

Android Source Code is available to developers and Manufacturers through the License (Open Handset Alliance). Developers can change code according to their need but it has to meet Specifications standard.

 Touch screen technology:

 Android is basically made for touch screen technology and due to this user can easily swap from one application to the other smoothly. In android OS number of apps can run simultaneously and by minimizing we can exit from one to other.

User Interface  

Only in Android user can upgrade its OS after some months because Google continuously produced new upgrades to previous versions and due to this user can switch to new version easily and there is no need to change device for new OS .user can download it from Google play without paying a single penny


Android security OS is very high. Android provides users a Sandbox in running its applications. In this way apps cut off from direct communication from the rest of the system

Google Play 

A display place that allows developers and users to interact with each other and developers can use this platform to show their capabilities to world.

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