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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 chasis rumors

After the release of HTC One beautiful design of all metal ,Samsung also feels that their plastic design might not be able to compete with metal design of HTC so according to latest rumors there is chance that Samsung might change its strategy of plastic design in their upcoming note i.e. note 3. 
According to sources Samsung may adopt a new material for its design of galaxy note 3 because with the help of new design they will be able to balance the software features of s4. There is no doubt that Samsung’s galaxy s4 comes up with some extra ordinary features but if they change their material of design as well then it will be an owsum change and will result in improved sale of Samsung galaxy note 3.
There is chance that Samsung might release its Galaxy Note 3 in September at IFA 2013, as a successor of the successful Galaxy Note series. Rumors  suggested that the Galaxy Note 3 will come up with a larger display and a there might be new design that brings a superior feel.

According to insider report in starting Samsung was thinking of making galaxy s4 with metal design but due to unavailability of bulk amount of metal design Samsung has to go with their plastic design, but this might put Samsung on the back foot. Samsung defends its plastic design in beginning but now they are worry about the battle with HTC One. There is chance that metal design of HTC One might surpass the galaxy s4.The Samsung Galaxy S4 is heavily relying on its special software’s and sensors but if it comes to design then surely HTC One is winner.

Insider also said that galaxy note 3 will come with a 6 inches AMOLED display having 1080 display and 13 MP camera, processor might be Exynos Octa 8 with LTE and will be packed with the latest version of android i.e. android 5.0.
Latest rumors of Samsung galaxy s4 suggested that it might be of metal as well as of plastic because the plastic designs smart phones of Samsung are most popular smart phones of company. Samsung tries a uni body design in its wave series but it couldn’t prove a good tryout, so Samsung might think of that in making design of note 3.
Samsung’s wave series was made of aluminum and have a uni design similar to HTC One but the main difference was that it can easily be swapped by users and also an additional feature of external memory was present in Samsung wave series.
Insider couldn’t tell about the material that Samsung will use in galaxy note 3 but if rumors are true then we can expect a non-plastic note from Samsung.

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