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Samsung Galaxy S II Plus Review


Everyone was very excited on the launch of s2 back in 2011 because it was considered as one of the thinnest set of that time and it stood first in many ways not only because of specs but also due to its hardware .it competes all smartphones of that time and stood first and hits record of selling.

Now in 2013 Samsung decided to launch its former flagship phone once again but it comes up pretty much of same specs as its ancestor has, so it’s sure that this time it’s not coming as a high end gadget any more. But coming as a mid-range device.  


 A 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display beautifying its front, an 8-megapixel camera on rear side, while powered by dual-core processor. Seems encouraging on broadsheet, but in our review we discuss it in detail that this gadget is of worth or not let’s start up!


As a replacement for of the curvy lines and rounded corners of most Samsung’s model  ,the galaxy s2 plus reveals a rectangular shape body, which it has accepted from the highly appreciated  Galaxy S II. Actually, if these changes are not done then it would be difficult for one to tell difference among two devices, because shape wise both are practically identical.

Physical buttons are well exposed and user can use it easily by gentle push.The volume button is on the left side of the cell phone and the lock key is on the right side so user can use both keys easily.


display of Samsung galaxy s2 plus is not impressive and it could not impress us because if user opens a page on internet it didn’t shows it clearly until user zoom it .and what  I like about the super AMOLED display is it should have deep viewing angels and colors should be saturated above neutral level not exaggerated . Due to its large screen videos and photos can be displayed at HD.

But sometimes due to that large display it consumes more energy and thus it can be challenging in some areas

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