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Samsung Galaxy s4 review

Samsung smartphones created their own market and now they are ruling android base mobile market. Samsung in every s series model uses some extra ordinary technology that we never seen before and due this Samsung s series mobile are hit before reaching on shelves .The main reason behind every s model is that it always create hype among the customers and when it hit shelves customer made their mind set buy every new galaxy s model because s stands for super not simple.


As discussed above every s model of Samsung is super model and this year Samsung launches its s4 that comes up with a 5-inch 1080 pixel and Super AMOLED display. Samsung uses android 4.2.2 in s4 as an OS .Android 4.2.2 is latest version of android from Google and s4 becomes first non-nexus device to use this update.
It also have further features like gesture controller, Accelerometer, geo magnetic and also RGB light. Ram of s4 is 2 GB and is almost double than its predecessor.  Processor is of snapdragon 600 and is 1.9 GHz quad core.

Camera of Samsung galaxy s4 is very powerful and have two camera’s rear one is 13 MP while front camera is 2 MP .storage wise Samsung makes option to expand memory storage according to their need 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, it allows users to expand their memory according to their requirement.
Dimension of s4 is136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9 mm and weight is 4.06oz. Battery is 2600 mAh and is very much able to bear the wait of such large screen i.e. 5 inches.
Outstanding features like air view and dual shot is some features that will attracts customers to buy flagship device of Samsung.


Galaxy s series mobiles are not famous due to its design but is famous of its hardware specs because Samsung always shocks users with its outstanding specs. I am not going saying that Samsung made revolutionary changes but they made their gadget a perfect device for users.
For instance in s4 Samsung fits 5 inch display screen and also made it slim and sleek for users it gives a pleasant look to users. The other buttons for music and lock are more compact than the previous s3.


In software Samsung made very good change they packed their device with latest version of java and it’s the only non-nexus device that have this software update .jelly bean version of android brings interesting changes to users and now users can expand their smart phone usage only due to this update. When user will first power up their device it will give users a quick tutorial about the device.

Camera :

S4 offers a 13 MP camera that gives user a very good experience of taking snaps and also video chatting. Camera is although much improved from the previous s3 but not amazing, but still it manages to give good results.

Camera has all features including drama shot, and number of sensors that allows user a very friendly user of interesting thing that I want to mention here is that s4 camera allows user to take dual snapshot simultaneously i.e. both from front and rear camera. Due to this user can combine both photos.


Samsung packs 2600mAh battery in s4 and battery is removable so users can use 2 batteries, when they are away from city. I myself thought that battery is enough for s4 and users will found it enough. In official testing galaxy s4 lasts for seven hours while HTC One couldn’t break 5 hours only. In my opinion s4 is not only powerful but also power efficient.

Final verdict:

So at the end I am sure about that this gadget will be winner at the end but I also must say that they make it very complex i.e. many features are very complex but they should keep it simple. Many features like Air view are no doubt very interesting breakthrough and will attracts users to buy galaxy s4. As smartphone is now become a basic need for mostly users because they perform many daily life tasks through their smart phones. Samsung should continuously produce technological innovations but must keep it simple.
Mostly user’s love those smartphones that have user friendly User Interface and Samsung should have to make changes by keep these points in mind.

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