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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs.Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini ?

Samsung flagship galaxy series is now expanding with s4 and finally wait is over and customers can find s4 on shelves very soon. Like the previous galaxy s3 mini Samsung is planning for s4 mini, although it wouldn’t be available with same specs of s4 but it will be a cheaper version of galaxy s4.

In last year Samsung’s flagship galaxy s3 sold out immensely and users like and appreciate it like as Apple phone and Samsung galaxy s series phones are on same track not only in terms of customers’ acceptance but also in sales
After few months of release of galaxy s3 Samsung decided to unveil a mini version of s3 although it has less features than s3 but it comes with affordable price. It seems that Samsung will follow the same release plan of mini-series of its mega smart phones series. Although s4 mini is not yet announced but according to sources it is sure that Samsung decided to release smaller version of its flagship devices.
After few months users will have a option to buy galaxy s4 or mini s4 because there is huge difference in term of specs and price  tag among the devices.

Release Date:

We will discuss few rumors regarding the s4 mini release date, features and other things.
 Samsung s4 is released in America and is now available on almost all high stake carriers and it seems that Samsung will release its mini version at least after two months of its flagship device i.e. s4 ,Demand is so high that carriers had to shove back their release dates from the one which they made official. 


Design wise Samsung s4 is very much similar to its predecessor s3, but Samsung makes some changes very owsum which makes s4 a superb gadget. 
All Samsung’s smartphone are built of plastic, like mostly Samsung flagships are. Plastic used in s4 is very much durable than its predecessor s3. Metal band is used in its design that give it an owsum look. This model of galaxy s series is slim and weightless as well.
Rumors suggested that s4 mini will have a same design as galaxy s4 have, because last year Samsung uses same design in its mini device of s3.  I am not sure about the specifics of s4 mini because it’s not yet announced.


Samsung makes two major changes which are s4 has more ppi and also have an addition of 1080P resolution.  The large display will allow users to enjoy content at high resolution. The display of Galaxy S4 is very much made for the web browsing, movies and for other tasks.
It is for sure that Samsung galaxy s4 mini will have less pixels per inch because of its small size of screen, resolution will also be less. Users will not be able to enjoy same quality on s4 mini.


Samsung galaxy s4 comes up with a 13 MP camera and its predecessor comes up with 5 MP camera. Camera have powerful sensors to give better results.s4 mini have a chance of having a 8 MP camera but it will have same sensors as s4 have but I am not sure because its base on rumor.


S4 have owsum features including a 5 inch HD Display .processor is of snapdragon featuring 1.6 GHz quad core processor. Camera is 13 MP and gives snapshots like real. Battery of s4 is 2600 mAh. Storage capacity is 16/32 and 62 GB this helps users to increase storage according to their need by adding SD card
Now I will discuss about the s4 mini rumors. As expected screen size of s4 mini will be 4.3 HD display and will have a 512 quad core processor. 8 MP camera is expected with same sensors that s4 offers .battery is expected to be 2100 mAh.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 is featuring Android 4.2 Jelly Bean i.e. the latest version of Android. S4 users will enjoy new version with powerful processor of s4, it’s the first smart phone that features jelly bean.
Rumors suggested that Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini will also have same OS as S4 have but will have some changes according to small screen size and also the processor. I am sure that s4 mini will have same sensors as its larger version have.

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