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Sequel of Nexus 7 Predictions AND RUMORS

After few weeks, Google I/O 2013 is scheduled to start from May of the big rumor is now circulating that what should company debut on the the big name that is expected is the sequel of flagship gadget of Google i.e. nexus series tab, and we heard about the sequel of nexus 7, because nexus 7 was arrived in last year Google I/O.As it is not official announced we will discuss about the rumors and will make some predictions in regards to upcoming sequel model nexus is not yet official announced so we can call it as nexus 7 2 model.

Last year Google debuted many products that was hosted by Google OS and Google also announced its new version of android OS i.e. Jelly bean that is well renowned today. Also introduced its flagship nexus 7 tab
Google’s first Nexus tablet that escorted in Google’s Device unitand also on the Google Play Store.
Google first nexus 7 was at its debut was one of the popular tab of that time. It consist of some fantastic hardware as well as software. In market it was the one of the best tab regarding selling, it was first choice for average customers, because it comes up as a compact device both at software and hardware level. Google launches it at cheap price of 249$ in order to win the competition among the tabs.

Google tab was first let down due to Apple iPad mini, because it comes with a unique design and price of the tab is very cheap if you compare it with other Apple products. Apple iPad mini was quickly became the rival of nexus 7.
Rumors suggested that Google and Asus decided to launch the next model of nexus 7 at Google I/O far rumors only suggested it will have changes at hardware level i.e. a new processor of high end and also higher resolution then the previous version.
Now I will discuss all those prediction that come to our mind in regards to nexus 7 2 model, all about its features, releasing and many other things.   
Nexus 7 2 RUMORS
Disparate of other companies like Samsung and HTC Google release its phone very soon after its announcement like in previous nexus tab 7,it was announced in late June and they release it on 15 July.I am expecting same way of releasing gadgets from Google and if rumors are true then we can see nexus 7 2 tab short after its release. If it is releases at Google I/O then we could see it in July, because of the track record of Google release policy.

The trademark of Google’s Nexus devices, is that it comes up with very attractive price tag like if you compare price of nexus 4 smart phone, then it is surely the cheapest phone unlocked available in market ,so one the main reason of Google high selling devices is its cheap price tags and high end specs. I expect nexus 7 2 device will also have cheap rate and high end specs and its price shouldn’t be more than 300 $.
Android 5.0                                        

Like in previous I/O Google announced its jellybean there is a chance that Google will announced its new OS as android 5.0 and named as key lime pie. Because google last year not only announced devices but also new OS, we can expect this new OS also at this I/O .
Nexus 7 despite of its low price it comes up with quad core processor with Tegra 3. Tegra 3 allows users to run device smoothly and helps users to play games easily. Rumors also suggested that it might come up with snapdragon 600 or 800 processor or even better from QUALCOMM. Snapdragon 600 might be used because it is packed in galaxy s4 and already famous in the market. Second possibility is on Tegra 4 chip from NVIDIA, that was announced at CES.Both possibility are wide open let’s see what Google decide to use
Nexus 7 packed with a good 7 inches IPS display .not truly HD i.e. not having 1080P display.but this doesn’t affected the resolution, video quality is superb .but this time I expect that Google might increase resolution and make a true HD 1080P display. Apple iPad mini display isn’t retina but it manages to show HD videos easily, in order to capitalize this Google has to increase its display.
Memory Options
In starting Google devices packed in two storage options i.e. 16 GB and 8 GB, but later 8 GB model was discontinued and Google produced a 32 GB model and now two models are available i.e. 16 GB and 32 GB. If you see currently apps are of large sizes, and I expect that Google might increase its storage options and makes model of 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.
It’s hard to say something about the device but I am sure about some things that it will be available at user friendly price and will be packed with some superb specs at both hardware and software level. Despite of its rival Apple iPad mini it will be a very compact device and will be available in market very soon.     

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