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Sony Xperia S OS Update What users should expect

sometimes ago Sony announced that Xperia tab S will get an update to its OS from ice cream sandwich to jelly proper date was given that when it will happen, this news was break by official page but now Sony removed that page also.

 It leads to believe that there is some problem with the Update otherwise Sony shouldn’t remove the official page.
Obviously, there is no way of confirming that whether the update has been delayed, or not and also when update was announced the tentative launch date was not announced it makes the situation ever worse.

Nevertheless, we’ve hoped that Sony will solve the problem and users will enjoy the update very soon. In other words, the update from Sony is now striking the rollers.

Jelly bean update:

The Sony update to its Xperia S tab should be now available for download OTA in US, Latin America. If a user from these areas has not yet received an update notification from Sony then users shouldn’t worry about it because Sony is going to push update in stages. That’s mean all Tabs are not going to receive update simultaneously.

Soon you will get an update from  Sony and once you apply update, you can use many new function of Jelly bean like Google Now and many others including Apps that will support DLNA controller function, also the project Butter, movie app will allow users to see close captioned videos and also the main thing is that User Interface of jelly bean is far better than ice cream sandwich. So new UI will give users tab a new look and they will continuously receive updates.

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