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5 Things To Know About HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4

After a long time of waiting, consumers of smart phones are now able to buy the two main smartphone of this year in the form of the HTC One  and SAMSUNG galaxy s4. i also discuss 6 things differentiating both phones in my previous article. Both are high end gadgets and are now on shelves, and is also available to buy, before the release of both phones lots of rumors are spread and buyers must read the stories that are not ended before release. Certainly, there must be a matchup between these smartphones because both are high end devices and both are successors of hits of last year models.

 Even though 2013 is chuck full of smartphone releases, but we already witnessed two of this year’s inspirations arrive. In April, HTC releases its HTC One on most of mobile phone carriers of United States and around the world. The device is successor of the HTC One X and the HTC One X+ and it does its job with confidence.

Some prominent features of HTC one:

 The device comes up with a fantastic design, full-metal design that is better in terms of quality than its rival iPhone 5.  Some powerful specs of HTC one in short, are its 4.7-inch full HD display, a revolutionary pixel camera, a quad-core processor and is powered with android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It’s a complete package for smart phone users and it should be attractive to consumers. Obviously, many other options are available.

After some time release of HTC one, Samsung revealed its Samsung Galaxy S4 as a successor of its flagship device galaxy s3.same as HTC One, it also has some prominent features to offer clients.

Some prominent features of Samsung galaxy s4:

Samsung galaxy s4 includes a 5-inch full HD 1080 pixels display, a 13MP camera best for using Skype, a powerful quad-core processor, it also comes with jellybean but the latest version of jelly bean 4.2 .most prominent feature is s4 is Samsung allows its users to operate contents on display without touching the display of device.

It is Unnecessary to say, that both devices comes up with prominent features to attract customers and because both are two high end devices they will be sure a competitive crash in coming months to come.
Many customers are likely weighing the two gadgets drenched in all of the information. Now I will discuss some points that in my opinion a customer should know before purchasing one of the devices.

1) Memory storage:

Both devices are facing problem of memory. Because if you purchase a 16 GB model then you will not get 16 GB but half of the actual. It is still a question for buyers that whether they should buy a device that have memory issue or they go with different choice. Customers of both devices are annoyed on the fact that their devices don’t come with same amount of storage as shown in advertisement.
Problem with HTC One is that it is mostly available in 32 GB on most carriers except AT&T. Only AT&T offers a 64 GB model. About 7 GB of its storage is wasted in mobile’s Software and other stuff. Users are left with only 25 GB and main problem is that it didn’t allow a micro SD slot so users are limited with 25 GB storage memory.
This problem in galaxy s4 is even bigger because most device only comes in 16GB at most carriers, only AT&T offers a 32 GB model. The memory of s4 is about 45% of storage space is wasted and eaten up by software’s. Luckily, the device has a micro SD card slot, but micro SD card for the S4 is worthless because users cannot move all data to SD card.

2) Prices:

Both devices are available at a price of 199$ with contract. But it seems that price of both devices dropped after its release. Most retailers are offering discount on selected models of HTC One and Samsung galaxy s4. It is fantastic news for those who are not ready to pay 199 $ with contract.
Further drop in price is expected probably as months go on and also when Apple announced its flagship iPhone 5s. It’s a kind of good news if you wait for a month or so you will get one of these device at least price.

3) Mini models:

If customers are not interested in purchasing one of these devices then mini models of both devices are on the way.

Both HTC and Samsung decided to launch mini models of their flagship devices. It is expected that the Galaxy S4 Mini is rumored for arrival in July. S4 mini is rumored to come up a 4.3-inch display an 8 MP camera and a speedy processor.

As for as HTC one is concerned, its mini HTC one is rumored will come as the HTC M4 or HTC One Mini. Rumors suggested that it will have a 4.3 inch display along with dual core processor and 16 GB storage.

4) Software update:

This update is good news for current owners. HTC One comes up with android 4.1 and owners will get update 4.2 from HTC very soon. Rumors suggested that HTC is working hard to release update. Though HTC hasn't confirmed anything about update but we can expect the Android 4.2 update to arrive in the near future.
Samsung Galaxy S4 owners have already Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. There are Rumors that Google is planning to introduce Android 4.3 Jelly Bean at Google I/O but not the Android 5.0(Key Lime Pie). Google usually release new update shortly after its declaration. Samsung always work quickly to make its devices up to mark.

5) Verizon release:

Both S4 and HTC one are unreleased on Verizon. In spite of being USA largest 4G LTE provider Verizon has yet to release both of the devices. In March Verizon announces arrival of S4 at their store and they also announces release date of S4 on 30th may .This means Verizon will offer S4 about a month after release on other carriers. Meanwhile Verizon is taking online pre orders for S4.

On the other hand HTC One situation is still not cleared because release on Verizon is untied into extremely confusing situation. HTC and Verizon is not saying much about the rumors that Verizon will carry HTC devices on future or not.

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