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Acer Iconia A1 Review

Now a days tab companies are more interested in manufacturing small tabs of 7 inches rather than 10 inches. Acer altered its Iconia A1 tab aiming to compete it with other 7 inches tab including Asus fonepad, nexus 7 and Galaxy note 8.
Although size of Acer Iconia A1 draw attention towards the competition with iPad mini but its price started from €159 would clearly shows that this competition only ends at same screen size nothing more than that.
Acer Iconia A1 consist of quad core 1.2 GHz processor, which gives enough power to use device smoothly. Acer Iconia comes up with jelly bean 4.2.2 and users will surely enjoy a good UI experience.

Acer choose Android UI for a stock, and has struggled the inducement to interfere the OS. Although Acer has irregular track record with its own UI, but I expect that Acer Iconia A1 is blessedly free from expert covers and customization  The camera is not ground breaking either, Acer decided to go with a 5 MP rear camera and it can captures a 1080 Pixels video.
Acer improved battery life of its device and raise it up to 7 hours. But it can be tested when device will be out at the end of May. It’s hard to differentiate Acer A1 from other tabs its almost same as other 7 inches tab. It's visually dull, adjoining on white label.

There's a considerable majority for such a pocket-sized devices and if you compare it with other devices in terms of specs than you will see that Iconia A1 is 70 g weightier than the same sized Galaxy Note 8.0 that has wait of 410 gram. Acer is 1.1 mm thick, and is exceptionally portable.
The screen of Acer A1 has average resolution comes up with the 1024 x 768 resolution. Although display is not exceptional but is average due to its average budget.

Early verdict:

Though Acer Iconia A1 is not an exceptional tab but if you compare its price with other tabs then you will surely rate it as budget friendly device. Wi-Fi version of Acer A1 will be available at the end of this month price starting from €169 which is attractive price. 
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