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Apple Reveals 16 GB iPod Touch for 229$

Though it’s for sure that the iPhone is still the one of the most popular Apple device. The Apple IPhone gadgets usually comes with contract. It becomes difficult to give it to someone as a gift. As a consequence, the iPod touch from Apple becomes a good alternative for buyers to give it as a gift.

Apple frequently introduce updates to its widespread device.In the same way the iPod touch deals 16 GB for only 229$. IPod touch offers a 4-inch display with special feature, of Retina display. Apple is offering IPod only in black color, with back of a grey color.

Now it surely comes to mind what’s new in it, the answer is the gadget doesn't possesses iSight camera.Wait an instant that doesn't mean it will not have camera it have a front facing camera for video chats. This change in design clearly indicates that Apple decided to lower price of its IPod touch. This also shows that this model of iPod touch may be specially made to attract music lovers and gamers.
Additionally iPod touch loop is also missing that allows users to attach a carrying strap with their device.

The iPod touch with full features with Retina display sells for 32 GB for 229$  while the 64 GB for 399$.
Apple CEO Tim Cook hinted that they will bring some big changes and also new products in the fall and also in the upcoming year 2014. He added that they are working on gaming devices and will release them in few months. Gadget Analytics also predicts that Apple might do some incremental changes to its product like update its IPad to 128 GB.  

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