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BlackBerry R 10 Latest Rumors A Mid Range Qwerty Mobile

There is good news for  BlackBerry fans because BlackBerry is planning to release a new BlackBerry R 10 model with QWERTY keypad. Though it is smartphone, but is not very excited because it is not a high end device like BlackBerry Q 10.

The BlackBerry company is formerly known as RIM (Research in Motion). BlackBerry decided to release its new QWERTY keypad device with affordable price tag. This model will be named as BlackBerry R10. We recently got a hint that how will this handset look I will discuss about the rumors that are under the hood.
R 10 Specs:
Everyone know that BlackBerry devices are known for their best QWERTY-keyboard smartphones. And this is proved due to success of BlackBerry Q10 which is selling like hotcakes.
Though Q10 is selling like hotcakes but yet it has a higher price tag then most of other high end devices so company decided to introduce a new QWERTY keypad mobile that will be budget friendly. 

The rumors suggested that R 10 will be a low price tag device from BlackBerry R 10 but will come with some pretty decent features. The device is supposed to have a 3.1-inch display with  720 x 720 resolution . RAM will be 2 GB, and will be available with 8 GB of internal storage. Expected battery will be a 1800 mAh battery, but it is not removable. A 5 MP rear camera, is also expected and also it will be powered by the BlackBerry 10 OS.
Moreover, this smartphone will be available in three colors and colors are Red, White and Black. It is expected that it will be available in all colors.

Concerning about its release date and price, not abundant news are present at this point. But we will provide you about latest news as soon as possible. Shape of R 10 is still a question and we will discuss it in next session, In the meantime, let us know what you about this model of BlackBerry. 
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