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Galaxy S4 Will Hit 10 Million Shipments Hall Mark Next Week

Samsung’s biggest flagship smartphone series, is s series and now the fourth mobile of this series was released about a month ago. The Samsung Galaxy s4, self-possessed to pass a 10 million deliveries next week. Samsung galaxy s4 was released on last of April and in less than a month it’s a great achievement for latest flagship device of Samsung.
 In an interview with “Korean times” Samsung’s co-CEO Shin Jong-kyun says, that “We are confident that we will pass more than a 10 million sales of Samsung galaxy s4 next week”. Co CEO further says that Samsung s3 took 50 days to achieve the hall mark sale of 10 million devices while s4 is selling much faster than s3. Thus s4 becomes the only device which sells 10 million devices in less than a month.

Early in this week Samsung confirmed that Samsung has passed sales about 6 million and it emerges as one of the fastest selling Galaxy s model of Samsung. Company says that their marketing was the key thing in increasing sales. If you look at the marketing budget of Samsung for its s3 then you will surely say that they are spending hundreds of million only for publicity of their devices in America. Samsung spent over 400 million for its s3 advertisement.

Apple after some time period announces its detail of sales but it’s hard to know actual sales number of iPhone 5 or any model. Because Apple didn't announces the sale number of its devices individually. So it’s difficult to compare head to head sales of Samsung galaxy s4 and IPhone 5.although Apple announces that they sell 37.4 million iPhone in quarter of this year.

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