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HP introduce the Envy Rove 20 a portable all-in-one 20 inches tablet

It’s kind of good news for all HP fans that HP recently announced Envy Rove 20, tabletop PC and we are expecting that it’s commencement of new era for HP. We are essentially talk over about a tablet PC which has a large display between 18 inches and 27 inches in size. We have already seen these kind of tabletop PC, s from other companies like Sony, Lenovo, Dell and Asus .

We are calling this model as a tabletop PC because it can be used as a tablet and can be fold down flat and is all in one kind of device. Now HP joins this tabletop PC club, this shows the mini-genre is receiving a severe bang in the arm.

 According to me Envy Rove 20 from HP is almost close by to Sony Vaio tap 20 because both models have some resembles properties like Sony model has a Kickstand that can be fold into the chassis and this built in Kickstand is not detachable same as Sony tap 20. This model of HP weighs about 12 pounds and is not easy to use it as a portable device same is the case with Sony TAP 20.

HP officials said that Envy Rove 20 will have a WIDI in order to send video signals to device that are compatible with the external displays. Details are not yet available but it is expected that Intel’s latest Haswell processor not yet announced will be used in Envy Rove 20.  
The Envy Rove 20 is expected to come sometime in July, and also HP says that this model will start under 1,000 $.

As this model is just announced so we don’t have much to look forward but I will Discuss Envy Rove 20 in my upcoming articles stay connected. 
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