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HTC Butterfly 2 / HTC Droid DNA 2 Latest Rumors

When HTC releases its HTC One they claimed that it is the only high end mobile phone from them for 2013. But it seems that it might not be true because there is chance that there will be release of one high end smartphone form HTC at the end of this year, at least in some regions.

If you haven’t guess about the device then we will tell you that we are referring to HTC butterfly 2. which is also well-known as the HTC Droid DNA 2. May be this is reason that why not yet Verizon have HTC One on their shelves.

Many rumors are in industry about the release date of Butterfly 2. But it is hard to believe which one is true and which one is false, we will tell you about the most authenticating news so far so let’s take a look.
Latest rumors on release date and specs

Rendering to the latest rumors, HTC decided to launch Butterfly 2 in the third quarter of the year, means time from July to September time frame is decided to launch the second flagship device of HTC. It is for sure that device which is planned to be released in above time frame is DNA 2.
As far as specs, are concerned sources confirmed that HTC Butterfly 2 will come up with a Full HD display. Camera will be Ultra pixel as we seen in HTC One flagship device of HTC. Now come to User interface it is expected that it will have a sense 5 UI, Blink Feed will be available in the Butterfly 2,as part of  Sense 5 UI.
We will keep you update as soon as soon we get more authentic news so stay connected for latest buzz about the HTC Butterfly 2 / DROID DNA 2.

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