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HTC one is finally on shelves and today I am going to discuss about six main points that a customer should know before buying this device. There is no doubt HTC is heavily relying on success of HTC one because HTC is fighting for its come back in smart phone market.

Design wise there is no doubt that HTC is winner because companies often increase hardware specs of device but they don’t give care to the design of gadget but HTC has made aluminum body in design of its HTC one and no doubt it gives HTC one a brand new look and users will love it too. HTC design will allow gadget to stand out in the market. The phone design and construction of HTC one is perfect.  The aluminum body gives user a gratifying slim look and display of HTC is vibrant.

2. Blink Feed

Though blink feed is not a new feature as most android have it but the main thing that differs HTC One is that home screen is covered with tiles view like windows 8 phone and you can set many topics at same time and yet HTC ONE will be ready to go. In the same way if you pull down your home screen you will get latest updates and news feeds and can be easily shared on social networks like Facebook, twitter and many others.

3. Camera

HTC did not offer a high mega pixel density camera but yet its picture quality is better than 13 MP camera and its camera captures more light than a 13 MP camera. It’s all because of new lens system that add clarity and sharpens image very well. Both front and rear camera provides owsum picture quality and users will have no problem with it. 

HTC SHARE/ZOE   are two extensions to the camera. HTC Zoe adds levelheaded features for unprofessional photographers who wanted to take snaps on the go. This extension with, a simple click start taking 20 pictures and also a 3 second video .The 20 pictures allow user to choose better picture of his choice and 3 second video enables to see shot without a blur in photos. While HTC Share allow users to share photos on social networks and also through email. Users can add music with pictures and images convert into elegant gallery.

5. processor

HTC ONE is packed with Snapdragon 600 Processor and this processor is designed to deliver outstanding performance on APPS and also in web connectivity. Snapdragon 600 processors are used in high end gadgets and smartphones. Due to its processor HTC one is damn fast in everything including surfing, gaming and also in editing.  HTC One speed is 2nd thing that will attract users to buy this smartphone because it performs many tasks very speedily .Net surfing is also very fast and user will have no complaints with it.

6. Dual Sound and Beats Audio

HTC is famous of its sound quality and also in HTC one, speakers are placed very well. Sound quality will truly hit you because built in speakers also have amp enhancing that will increase Beats audio performance. I will say that HTC ONE provides, music and movies sound quality better than ever heard, especially over a significant set of speakers or headphones.comparison between sound quality of HTC One and iphone is shown below 

I will write complete review of HTC ONE soon but let me know about your feelings on our first impression of HTC one, and share your views with us. 

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  1. its awsome
    i realy like it
    its shape,slim body design, and colour display is out standing
    and its sound quality is soo clear
    over all soo nice phone


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