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IPhone 5S latest rumors

Today we are back with some new rumors of iPhone 5s and new rumors suggested that Apple is probable to expand the colors for its iPhone lineup.
It is expected that this high end iPhone model might be available as more budget friendly device and this range of colors will help Apple to sell more gadgets due to attractive colors.
Sources confirmed that low cost model of Apple flagship device will come with variety of colors.
But we are not sure about different colors options because different sources are leaking different colors.
One of publication source claimed that this low budget model will be available in white, gray, Navy and gold. While other source is claiming whole different colors including blue, pink, green, white and orange.
It is expected that Apple will begin a test production run of its low-cost device in next month of this year i.e. June. If rumors are true then production will be in progress in July, and users can buy it in September.

 Formerly this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook at the company’s earnings call gave some hints that Apple will be offering some exciting new products this summer.
Rumors of budget friendly seems true because Apple wanted to compete its rivals Android OS and Windows OS. It looks difficult for iPhone flagship devices to compete less expensive Androids and Nokia’s Lumia series with such enormous price. If this rumor is true then we can expect a budget friendly device from Apple.
Apple also wants to encompass new colors to its circle in order to provide a bit of change of taste to its users. So far, Apple has only used black and white for its flagship iPhone series. Other colors Green and gold are expected in upcoming flagship iPhone 5S.
The second rumors that is on fire now a days is that this time Apple might add a speculated dual-LED flash light for rear camera of phone. Reason behind this is rivals of Apple IOS are using LED flashlight for some time.

If this rumor is true then inclusion of Dual-LED flash will allow users to capture images in the dark with same High resolution. 
Finger print scanner is also expected in the upcoming flagship model from Apple.

I will cover some more rumors in my coming articles stay connected and don’t forget to post your comment about the Iphone5s.     
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