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Nokia Lumia 925 Most Expensive Smart Phone

The Nokia Lumia 925 was announced last week as a successor to Nokia flagship model Lumia 920.The prominent features of set includes a 1280x768 clear black display. Lumia 925 is powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and runs on Windows 8 mobile OS.

The new Nokia Lumia 925 is no doubt one of ground breaking smartphone of smartphone industry.
This model comes up with astonishing camera, super HD screen and superb aluminum design.
It’s a complete package of smartphone allows you to capture photos at high resolution and you will not miss a single moment of your life. Lumia 925 offers a 8.7 camera which gives good results for users not for only day time but also at night.

 some consumers though Samsung galaxy s4 as most expensive smart phone but early verdict shows that Nokia Lumia 925 as most expensive smart phone up to date even expensive than Iphone 5.

Smart camera:

This camera modernization is only brought by the all-new Nokia Smart phones Camera. This feature of camera allow users to take a burst of images and after taking snaps they can easily decide which they want to use and which they want to discard.
For instance If in a photo someone shut their eyes at the last moment and picture is not clearly captured then due to new feature of Nokia smartphone camera’s users can alter images according to their requirement and can add cool effects to make it better.

Same is the case sometimes when you are capturing a photo and someone walking in front of you and ruined the photo by passing in front of camera, with the help of smart camera users can edit photos and can easily remove the all unwanted items out of their photos. This features allows users to make their family photos cool and the way they want.      

This feature of smart camera can easily be activated automatically users don,t have to worry to activate it every time before taking snaps. Sharpness of images and videos is increased  only due to upgraded camera of nokia smart phones. Not only in day light but also in night camera gives very fine results even without worrying about flash light.


Obviously, there are some more astonishing features in Nokia Lumia 925 other than camera. The design of Lumia 925 is the area where looks that Nokia summarizes their span of time to make a perfect design of smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 925 has a splendid mixture of Aluminum and poly carbonate design which will surely attracts users and they will find it hard to stay detached. It further offers a 4.5 inch HD screen that allows to watch HD videos with stunning look. In Lumia 925 Nokia uses its innovative clear black technology to improve its display, this allows users to watch images and videos as sharp as they want to see.

Nokia's custom is rich with producing Windows Phone smartphones. This tradition shines throughout the Lumia 925.One of the prominent feature of Lumia 925 is HERE Maps this application, can be used offline. This inclusion makes Lumia 925 the only smartphone device offering Maps offline. So there is no need to be connected every time to use your smartphone as a navigation device.


This smart phone of Nokia is also built on, Windows Phone 8 platform. This platform allows users to use a constantly updating Live Tiles UI.  On the whole this model comes up with some extra ordinary features and will surely attract consumers to buy it. This model of Nokia is offering more than a consumer can expect from Nokia,s smart phone. it is expected that Nokia Lumia 925 will start shipping on 12 June 2013.  

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