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News For One Of Three Prototypes of Samsung Note 3

Samsung emerges as one of company that is producing gadgets at very high pace and all these gadgets are not high end phones, tabs and phablet but also low end gadgets. In this ocean of devices some are released and some will be released this year. Some important gadgets among these devices are Samsung galaxy megaSamsung galaxy s4, galaxy s4 mini, Samsung galaxy note 3 and galaxy tab3.
But let me clear that most rumors that we read on note 3 on blogs and websites are almost bogus because by making interesting rumors readers are attracted and vice versa.

 Early prototypes :

Apparently, sources claimed that Samsung is working on three different prototypes of note. First prototype that is under consideration is hypothetically made of plastic, second one is completely different fascinating design. 
Third one is so rumored display with some extra ordinary features.Same sources also claimed that Samsung has also doubts with the third prototype, because the Samsung haven’t overcome some issues of compatibility of display

Now if we consider this rumor as true then whether Samsung is going to build a completely new design. If this is true then it will be a turning point for Samsung note 3 and it will be a brave decision from Samsung to change design of its one of flagship device. In this case Users will be able to use galaxy note 3 in other metal design rather than plastic design.

Still more, visualize what design would be if Samsung tries to do even more than HTC and LG and arise with a ground-breaking design if you are thinking of indestructible design that is not going to happen that’s for sure.
But if Samsung do something new then it will encourage and will impulse every mobile manufacturer company to try something new, something innovative, and something big. if something like this happen then it will be huge developmental change and users will not have to face boring plastic design from Samsung.

Awkwardly, Samsung will possibly may not go this route because it’s not easy to build something big so easily. I will discuss other possible design in my follow up articles .stay connected for the latest buzz.
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