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Nokia Lumia 521 Review

If you are looking for an average device with windows OS and average specs then you can buy Nokia Lumia521. This model comes up with windows 8 and with some signature apps from Nokia. Lumia 521 is least expensive windows smartphone from Nokia.

 Though this device is available for 150 $ without contract but its biggest drawback is lack of LTE support.Although other Lumia models “Lumia 810” and “Lumia 925” are available with LTE support but this model lacks the LTE support. Nevertheless, users won’t be stumbled by 3G speed and Lumia 521 will drive T mobile’s 4 G network.

If you compare Lumia 521 with other smartphones of same price than you will notice that Lumia 521 delivers more than its price. Mostly other mobiles have cheap hardware and sometimes struggles with the Operating System demand.    


Lumia 525 is made up of polycarbonate body with square faced. Lumia 525 is 4.7 inches tall and is2.5 inches doesn’t manage to be a slimmer smartphone and hence still typically thick. Lumia 525 weighs about 4.4 ounces and built durable. Due to its arc back it easily sets in user’s hand.   


Screen Resolution:

As far as screen resolution is concerned, the Lumia 521 supports a 4-inch display with resolution of 800x480 pixels. This model also lacks Clear Black screen and shine of Nokia's high-end Lumia series.
 That’s for sure only due to its lower cost. But, Nokia includes its high-screen sensitivity that is available in other Lumia phones.

 Hardware Arrangements:

Now if you look through external hardware arrangements. Starting from the right side there are rectangle buttons to control volume, camera and for power. 3.5 mm headphone jack is on top, and Micro USB charging port is in bottom.

Operating system:

Nokia Lumia 521 comes up with windows 8 OS and also includes all of Nokia's convention software’s that helps to set a phones distant from companies Windows phones.
Other Nokia's apps like Maps, Drive apps, Nokia Music, are also on board. Various apps are available to improve the built-in camera experience, and options like Panorama and Smart Shoot are also available to improve camera experience.

As a prompt, Windows Phone allow users to change theme colors, voice search and also sizes of the dynamic live tiles.

Camera and video

Lumia 521 don’t have any front end camera but have a 5 MP camera on the back and there is no flash light with the camera. Even though the camera has no flash light, but still manages to take decent photos.


In my opinion the good thing is Nokia Lumia 521 is providing some more features that a buyer expect from a 150 $ off contract smartphone. And the bad thing No LTE and also the poor screen quality but one should keep in mind it’s not built to be a high end smart phone. At the end I must say it’s a best phone due to its price and specification.
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