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Revolutionary Acer Aspire R7 Combines Laptop,Tablet Desktop In One Pc

Acer yesterday revealed amazing devices, but most interesting device among all is ACER Aspire R7, it’s kind of laptop, tablet and desktop at same time because it is convertible all in one. That sounds crazy a laptop, with such design that it can be used for multiple purposes, and it’s honestly strange for me as well. Display of R7 can be moved in all ways because of its “Ezel hinge”

People always expected that “windows 8”, will lead to a new touch screen devices because windows 8 is  made for touch screen devices. Acer made a crazy convertible touchscreen device that is laptop, tablet and desktop at same time.
When you see Acer R7 you will notice something odd and that is its track pad Acer assembles its track pad right behind the keyboard, which is a little confusing but the reason behind is that Acer don’t want users to use track pad at all because of its moveable display.


R7 comes up with 15 inches display that is set on hinge and due to this screen can be moved in all directions . Ezel hinge allows amazing flexibility in moving display, we can make display flat and can use it as a tab.

Display of R7 is touch and type and supports 1080 Pixels resolution. Display of R7 is so friendly that users can use it simply no matter how much they twist it . ACER R7 weighs about 5.5 pound and it won’t be easily portable but hardware wise Acer made a nicest piece that they ever built. It’s made of aluminum like material but is extremely well built.


Aspire R7 comes up with Intel core i5 and i7 processors, users can buy it according to their need. The core i5 have 1.8 GHz processor with turbo boost up to 2.7 GHz .Other specs including  a 6 GB DDR3 ram and 500 GB hard drive and also have an additional 24 GB  solid state drive and 3 ports for USB.

Final verdict:

Acer R7 ultra book have a detachable display and can be used as tablet but it is sort of hybrid laptop due to this it weighs about 5.5 pound so it’s difficult to use it as a portable device. There is no doubt Acer has made well built in device but it’s difficult to know what user should use it for.

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