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Today I am going to discuss about the rumors of galaxy note 3 .Rumors are present that after some time later note 2 will be replaced by note 3, rumors also suggested that it will have 5.9 inch full HD display having a resolution up to 1080 Pixels, a 13 MP camera is also expected in galaxy note 3.

In last few weeks rumors are whirling that Samsung is going to launch successor of galaxy note 2.Every gadget from Samsung have so many leaks that it is hard to believe which one is right and which one is wrong, same is the case with galaxy note3 and lots of rumors have been spread from its screen size , camera, resolution  and also of its processor.
Mostly rumors suggested that Samsung galaxy note3 will have 5.9 inches full HD display that’s means it’s sure that it will have 1080 pixels resolution. There is chance that camera sensor of note 3 might be upgraded to 13 MP same as galaxy s4. These rumors seems to come true because these are not extra ordinary features that are hard to believe. Now come to processor there are some who claims that galaxy note 3 will have a 3 GB of RAM that is powered with Exynous 5 octa processor.

There are rumors that Samsung galaxy note 3 will have android 5.0 a new Operating Software from Google. Although google has not yet announced android 5.0 but there is chance that they will disclose it later this year and Samsung galaxy note 3 will have more added features in it because Samsung will add more features in it and it will be fun.


Obvious design of Samsung’s galaxy note 3 is not yet clear but there is chance that it might be of size of galaxy mega 5.8 with thinner bezels. It’s also possible that Samsung might change its prototype that I mentioned above   and made a design closely resembles to galaxy s4. I am not sure about one of these designs because all of these are based on rumors and all will be only confirmed until Samsung made it official.
 Nevertheless, I tell you about all are rumors present in market but none of these make me surprise because no one is surprising that make me shock.

Customers have to wait until the announcement of galaxy note3 and then they would really know about what’s real. Samsung galaxy note3 is expected to be launch early part of September 2013, possibly tangled to IFA 2013 

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