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Samsung Galaxy Mega Review

Few days ago Samsung announced the release of Samsung Galaxy Mega, as the name suggests that this device have a large display .Galaxy Mega is bigger device that is available up to date in Russia and Europe. The American consumers have to wait because there is no announcement for it.


Samsung galaxy mega is available in 2 sizes i.e. 6.3 inch and 5.8 inch and both are full HD phones. Samsung mega is powered by 1.7 GHz snapdragon processor with 1.5 RAM. Samsung mega comes up with latest version of android i.e. android jelly bean 4.2. Rear camera of Samsung mega is 8 Mega pixel and front camera is 1.0 MP. Galaxy mega models are in available in 2 storage capacities i.e. 8 GB and 16 GB.  Battery is 3200 mAh.

If you look at these specs then you will surely say though it is not a high end device but is for average consumers, because Samsung’s quad core is best chip right now and they didn’t use it.  This means this model from Samsung is not made for gaming purposes but for multimedia experience


Samsung mega dimensions are 167.6 x 88 x 8mm.It is easy to use it in one hand .Design wise galaxy mega is like galaxy s4, but actually it is bigger than s4. Due to its bigger size people think that whether it should fit in pants pocket? The answer is yes and user can easily put it in their pockets.   
Before the release of Samsung some people were expecting metal body from Samsung but after these models release its disappointment for those customers. Though metal body is attractive but here poly carbonate body is also attractive and it depends on taste of consumer. For instance if these models comes up with metal body then it’s hard for users to carry rational weight devices.


As far as display is concerned it is powered with LCD display not with a AMOLED display. Though AMOLED dislpay is attractive but its hard to build display for that kind of size. If display of mega model is powered by AMOLED display than power consimption might also be increased and hence creating problem for battery lasting time. It may be too expensive to build AMOLED display for 6.3″.Though it’s not an AMOLED display but yet it manages to produce a very good image quality.


As I mention above that performance of this model will be less than the Galaxy S4, and also possible might also be less than the Galaxy Note 2. Though benchmark test are not performed on it but I am quite sure it will not score high.


Before the release of Samsung galaxy mega rumors are Samsung was working on a 6.3″ mobile phone. Mostly, people thought that it might be the Galaxy Note 3. Although it is not sure that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will come on its due time, but the arrival of Galaxy Mega is quite a revelation.
The Galaxy Mega is not made meant for high end device race. As an alternative, is a smartphone that was designed for watching videos and for multimedia purposes but not for playing games?
The Samsung Galaxy Mega is no doubt a new king of the mound.
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