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Samsung Galaxy S4 VS HTC One AS Far as Sales Figures Are Concerned

There is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are two most known high end devices that are available in market. Though there are other many devices in the market but the actual race is between HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. 

Even if there is different views among the gadget experts about these devices but at the end most significant thing that create difference is sales figure.  That’s the best way to know which device is winner and which one is on losing side, though it’s pretty clear which device winner company and, but let’s catch into a few details.
Few days ago both companies announces their initial number of sales and HTC claims that they are happy their device HTC One is selling well and their several retailers are out of stock.
Although HTC One is selling well but the survey suggests that Samsung Galaxy s4 is in the lead on most carriers.   

An Executive member of HTC just announces that company manages to sell 5 million HTC One units, and this number might be larger if company don’t have problem of supply and production issues.
On the other hand Samsung recently announced that they sold 10 million S4 units.Now if we compare this record with the previous models of s series you can clearly see that it took 50 days for S3 to reach this number, the S2 did this in 5 months, and the first flagship model of s series S1 took 7 months to reach this hallmark.

On the Whole, the circumstances looks pretty good for HTC One, In spite of the fact that HTC Chief Product Officer and two top executives have just left the HTC.
 However, conditions for Samsung devices is awesome and Samsung is breaking record after records. Both devices are on success track and nevertheless one has to come in second. But HTC One sales are much more than expected by HTC. But if you look at sales figure then surely Korean Giant is leading this contest with huge margin.

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