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Samsung Galaxy S4 VS IPhone 5 Battle In Voice Recognition Department

Some battles are not started but they last forever like a battle between Samsung and Apple has been going on since few years and last year this battle was hotter than usual because of Apple proceeding against Samsung. These two companies are not the only rivalry companies but HTC, LG are also in this list.

Recently, both Samsung and HTC launches their flagship devices and there is no denial that both are attractive for consumers. Both know that competition is fierce and both uses social media sites for publicity of their devices and they don’t even tolerate to throw dirt on each other. So this is sure Samsung faces many rivals including Apple and HTC.

Now a days it’s kind of a practice in mobile market to make rivals and lift their devices in a certain competition.
However, conflict among Samsung and Apple is one of the most noticeable and no one is sure if it will ever stop.

Rivalry in voice department

I personally believe that Apple IPhone 5 have to face two strong rivals in the shape of Samsung s4 and HTC One. Mostly gadgets fans knows about prominent feature of Samsung is Samsung’s S Voice and Apple is Apple’s Siri, even if they don’t even buy one of these devices. Both are personal assistant that comes with artificial intelligence, though Siri is better in this race.

Samsung used some apps in order to hide its intentional hidden message like if you have an experience to use Samsung S voice then you must have received unexpected replies from Software. For instance if you ask it that if it has ever used IPhone then it will reply “No I have standards”. It’s epic to see such thing.
If you ever experience to receive such messages then share with us J

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