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Samsung Galaxy S4 VS Nokia Lumia 925

As in my previous article I wrote about the Nokia Lumia 925 and also some spectacular specs of Lumia 925. As I mentioned in my previous post that Lumia 925 is emerging as the most costly smart phone of 2013 and is even more costly than Samsung galaxy S4. I decided to make a quick comparison among these devices.

Quick comparison:

 As far as body material is concerned Samsung uses poly carbonate in manufacturing of galaxy S4 while Nokia Lumia is made up of mixture of aluminum metal and poly carbonate  If you compare S4, the Lumia 925 looks more superior due to better material. The Nokia Lumia 925 is 8.5 mm thick and it weighs about 139 gram, while Samsung Galaxy S4 is 8mm thick and weighs 133 gram so S4 is slightly thinner and lighter than Lumia 925.
Though both Lumia and S4 comes up with AMOLED display but Samsung galaxy S4 offers 441 ppi with a display of 1920 * 1080 resolution, while Lumia offers only 332 ppi with a display of 1280 * 768 resolution.

Back cover of Samsung galaxy S4 is removable while Lumia 925 offers a non-removable back cover, which will be inflexibility to some Lumia 925 users. Battery of Lumia 925 is 2000 mAh while S4 has 2600 mAh battery, so s4 is far ahead of Lumia 925 in terms of battery.
Both Samsung’s device and Nokia Lumia runs on immensely different OS. Samsung galaxy s4 is powered by Android OS of Google i.e. 4.2.2 Jellybean, while Nokia Lumia 925 runs on windows 8 of Microsoft.
Camera wise both models are pretty good, though S4 offers a 13 MP camera with HD recording and dual LED flashlight. Lumia 925 has 8.7 mega pixels camera, also offers a HD video recording and dual LED flashlight.
I will discuss some more features of Lumia 925 and Samsung S4 in detail in my upcoming articles stay connected for the latest buzz.

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