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Samsung Rules The Android Market With 95% share in first Quarter of 2013

More than over 900 million smart phone devices run on android since the debut of android OS back in 2007. It’s not a surprise that Samsung is leading this massive industry in the presence of HTC, LG, Sony and many other competitors.  In a recent report by strategy analytics depicts that Samsung is capturing 95 % of android market profit in the first quarter of 2013, that’s something extra ordinary from the Korean giant.

The report further suggests that android earns about 5.3 billion $ in first quarter 2013 and it is expected that Samsung earns about 5.1 billion $ out of total android share in market. This earning is 94 .7 % of total revenue and this figure doesn't include the sales of tabs from Samsung.  Samsung tactics of approaching people and their marketing is producing huge revenue for them. This shows that continuous production of High end gadgets is working for Samsung.

Now come to second place as expected, LG is on 2nd position with 2.5% of the profit share. While other companies including HTC is placed in last 2.7 % category.

This huge amount of revenue shows that Samsung is earning more than Google from android and its good sign for Samsung to achieve this hallmark. 

let us know about your views in regards of this hall mark of korean Giant .
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