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what has changed Nokia Lumia 925 vs Lumia 920

Nokia disclosed few days ago its flagship smart phone Lumia 925 i.e successor of Lumia 920 .Today I will discuss about the changes that were made by Nokia in successor of Lumia 920 to make its flagship device more attractive to users. Some changes that were made are its weight, its body material and also its camera. Now I will discuss about the changes made in Lumia 925 So, let’s quickly go through it what has been changed in Lumia 925.

Prominent changes:

Lumia 925 comes up with a Windows Phone 8. While Lumia 920 will soon get this update.Some prominent changes are made in design and building of Lumia 925. Nokia chooses a different path in making design of Lumia 925, flat top and bottom is changed from Lumia 920 and overall a curved design is given to Lumia 925.
In building Lumia 925 is changed from Lumia 920 in number of ways. Lumia 925 is just 8.55 mm thick while Lumia 920 was 9 mm thick and it also weighs less even with its metal frame, it weighs about gram 133 while Lumia 920 weighs about 185 gram


Both have same size of display i.e. 4.5 inches and also screen resolution is 1280×768. But key difference among these devices is panel of display. In Lumia 920 IPS LCD panel is used while in Lumia 925 OLED panel display is used. This change in display panel helps to lessen the thickness of Lumia 9265. 


In both devices cameras are almost same 8.7 Mega Pixel and a hybrid sensor with OIS. Because of addition of smart camera Lumia 925 gives sharper images than Lumia 920.
In my last article I wrote about quick comparison among S4 and Lumia 925, more comparisons of Lumia 925 with other smartphone models will be soon updated. I will let you Know some more about Lumia 925 in coming days. Stay connected for the upcoming articles.

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