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Which One is Better HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung and HTC has to face each other fierce competition because both produced high end devices and now there devices hit shelves and are in competition. This situation will surely arise a question in your mind that which one is better? .Smart phone, either Samsung galaxy s4 is better or HTC One is better.

But if you compare these devices in terms of selling than surely Samsung is winner here because of their huge marketing budget and tagline of s series model. It seems that HTC One is better than its rival in some specs but this didn’t mean galaxy s4 is useless, it also have some astonishing specs in its cover.

If you equate at the build in qualities of Samsung s4 and HTC one then you will agree with us that HTC One has better build in quality and s4 has no match for HTC One in this category.
Critics and gadget enthusiasts also agrees that HTC One has better build quality than s4.

Though HTC is happy with so far selling results of their flagship device HTC One. They are claiming that their most retailers ran out of stock in few weeks while on other hand Samsung announces that they will send next shipment and they will hallmark of 10 million selling devices. This kind of news is history in its own and it proves s4 as most selling device units in less than a month time span.

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One:

Though HTC One is well build but it’s hard for it to win battle against the flagship model of Samsung and everyone know that S brand of Samsung is most successful android device series.
Even though many gadget fans will prefer the HTC One as an alternative of the Galaxy S4, but Samsung’s occurrence in the market is a huge aspect that will surely contributes to S4′s success.

According to a recent reports though, the HTC One is selling very well, but as far as Galaxy S4 is concerned it is still in the lead, due to its sales number. One of important reason in the boost of sales of s4 is that it is available on almost all carriers of USA while HTC One is not available on Verizon yet.
S4 is on top in terms of sales and it is not expected any change in it in future we can say that S4 is winner in terms of sales.
Now tell us which smartphone will you prefer to buy and why? Let us know in your comments.

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