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Now a days two high end smartphones hit shelves and both devices are fighting for supremacy. These two device are HTC One and Samsung galaxy s4, both are powered by the Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor. Both have HD display and due to this users can enjoy a large window for playing gaming apps. 
Though the Samsung Galaxy S4 is born to a rich family with a proven full-blooded, recognized victory and dishonor the HTC One is its complete opposite. It’s a real diamond in the jagged.

I am not going to do that comparison at least not for now. You can’t answer the call of nature quietly without graceful over a Samsung S4 vs. HTC One comparison. But today I am going to discuss HTC One with Apple Giant means Apple IPhone 5. Let’s begin with…


Everyone know that Apple is known due to its slim design and other stuff but here if you measure it iPhone 5 is 58.7 mm wide while HTC One is 68.2 mm. Now if you weighs iPhone 5 weighs about 112 grams on the other hand the HTC One is relatively heavier is at 143 grams. But over all in size Apple IPhone 5 is winner.


consumers  pay much attention to Appearance factor and they should give it because appearance is first impression of mobile. There is no doubt HTC One is clearly have better look. Because of its aluminum metal design, it gives an ow-sum look . HTC one is winner in this race.


Display is often refers to ppi (pixels per inch) and also screen this contest HTC One is winner because screen resolution of HTC One is 1920 x 1080 while of iPhone 5 is 1135 x 640 . Now if you compare ppi HTC is also leading with 468 pixels per inch while iPhone 5 has 326 pixels per inch.

Operating System:

Both HTC One and IPhone 5 has their own OS. HTC one comes up android jelly bean with little touch of HTC UI. On the other hand IPhone has its own OS and own apps. Now it’s a tie and totally dependent on you whether you are supporter of android OS or you are supporter of APPLE OS. Both OS has their own app store and every kind of App is available in their App store.

Storage :

If you compare memory Storage capacity of both devices then max capacity of both devices is 64 GB but main thing is that HTC One didn't allow you to use SD card and in this area Apple is winner, although HTC One allows to use micro USB port for easy back up of file.


There is lot of discussion on the fact that HTC One 4 MP camera is enough or not though it is half of IPhone 5 camera but added software’s of HTC One gives users a better quality of images than iPhone. The iPhone’s 8 MP camera is amazing but limited in comparison to HTC One.

Battery Life:

Now one can really predict on this because it mainly depends on how you use your smart phone. If you use it for using apps and gaming then it will surely drain very fastly. HTC battery survives 27 hours talk time over GSM and 479 hours on standby whereas iPhone’s battery survives only 8 hours for talk time and 290 hours on standby. This clearly depicts HTC one is winner here.

 Final Conclusion:

Though both are some high end devices on Smartphone table. But the iPhone 5 is simply displaying its doubt It remains attractive, and works powerfully that we can expect from old iPhone. But overall the iPhone 5 is not sensational at all. On the other hand the HTC One contains all features to boost it. HTC adds cool features to make their device winner in the competition.

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